Bank Of America Website Again Leads On Keynote’s Banking Scorecard — Now In Its Thirteenth Year

Keynote Competitive Research, the industry analysis group of Keynote® (NASDAQ:KEYN), today announced the results of the Keynote Q2 2012 Banker Scorecard. Now in its 13 th year and covering 23 large and regional banks and more than 300 criteria describing customer experience best practices, the Keynote Banker Scorecard remains the most authoritative study of online customer experience best practices in consumer banking. In other related news issued today (see separate press release), Keynote announced the winners of its new study ranking the fastest and most reliable banking websites in the United States.

Among the highlights of the latest Scorecard: Bank of America repeats as winner for Overall Score, with 87 points out of 100, while taking first in all four categories – Functionality (tied with Wells Fargo), Ease of Use, Privacy & Security and Quality & Availability. Bank of America also places first for three tasks: Look Up Information, Transact and Learn and Plan. Citibank wins for Open Account and Chase wins Get Service. Among the trends that the Keynote Scorecard has been tracking, Mobile Banking offerings continue to grow in number with 13 banks now offering SMS, mobile and at least two smartphone apps and a growing number of smartphone apps supporting remote check deposit. The first several banks to release tablet-optimized apps will soon be joined by more, as development focuses on the iPad, as well as Android and Kindle apps. Ease of Use trends include banks reworking error reporting, repositioning key account information and expanding the use of dynamic pages, all to reduce the clicks required to learn timely information and complete tasks. Digital customer service options are expanding as well, with banks rolling out live chat within online banking and also embracing Twitter.

“Keynote’s ongoing user testing and industry research has identified changes in how consumers prefer to learn about products and manage their accounts online,” said Chris Musto, general manager, Keynote Competitive Research at Keynote Systems. “Through our Scorecard research, we see that a set of banks are responding to these consumer preferences by reconceiving information architecture, how consumers can interact with site content and how consumers can engage with customer service.”

Keynote's Scorecards for Financial Services are industry-specific scorecards that use a framework of 200+ expert-determined criteria to measure a sites' ability to meet best practice guidelines. Criteria are grouped into industry-specific "user tasks" (e.g., apply for an account, transact, or learn & plan) and "categories" (functionality, usability, privacy & security, quality & availability) in order to help firms identify the strengths and/or opportunities in specific areas of their sites.

Each Scorecard is created and maintained by a team of Keynote analysts who are considered thought leaders in usability, online privacy, Web security, content quality and accessibility. To collect Scorecard data, Keynote follows a rigorous research process that includes interviewing and surveying Scorecard companies, opening accounts with firms for direct Website examination, and conducting automated site analysis.

The study is available for purchase from Keynote and comes with all scores and all answers for all banks with written analysis of each bank, along with access to prior Scorecards. To inquire about a Keynote Banker Scorecard subscription, please visit:

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