Editor's Note: Be sure to also read Apps to Help You Remember Mundane Tasks: Android Edition.

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- There are many apps that help you remember important events in life, but what about the other mundane chores like remembering to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner?

Yes, there is an app for that. This article deals specifically with those for the Apple ( AAPL - Get Report) iPhone. Android users can see my accompanying article on apps for them.

Thaw Meat: Planning meals for a week is a chore, but it will be worse if you forget to take the meat out of the freezer. The highly customizable MealBoard is a full-service menu planner allowing you to input your own recipes or add ones found online via a Web browser. Items can then be added to a shopping list and you can even set reminders to thaw the meat earlier that day.
  • MealBoard, $1.99
  • Stop by the Grocery Store: There's a built-in reminder service for iPhone 4 and 4S allowing users to set a location to grocery list or other to-do lists and get a pop-up screen reminder. There's also Siri, Apple's digital personal assistant, which understands commands like, "Remind me to pick up organic, cage-free eggs at Whole Foods." But when it comes to apps, one of the top location-based reminders (and one of the pricier ones) is 2Do, available through iTunes.

    This feature-filled task app does it all: Adds tasks with your voice using Siri, reminds you when nearing a task via "Nearby," syncs with iCloud (to keep all iOS devices updated) and share tasks with fellow 2Do'ers. An Android version was recently released but so far has no location reminder.
  • 2Do on iTunes, $9.99
  • Get Beer Out of Freezer: Also available on iTunes, for the unorganized who forget to plan ahead and chill the beer the previous night, the Beer Timer app from blueHula Studios goes above and beyond. Not only will it set an alarm to remind you when to take the beer out of the freezer, it offers an simple pre-set option for type of beer and size for pale lager, pale ale and others. No more exploding beers! And for non-beer drinkers, iTunes also offers blueHula's Soda Timer for free.
  • BeerTimer on iTunes, $0.99
  • Stay Hydrated: The foware Water Your Body Lite app is free, thanks to sponsor Brita. This too offers drinking reminders but it lets you set your drinking quota based on several factors: weight, altitude, whether you've exercised or are pregnant. As the app says, "Because not everyone needs to drink the same amount."
  • Water Your Body Lite from foware, free
  • Birthdays: Sure, you could add your friends' birthdays to your calendar or check Facebook, but Sincerely Ink's app is the one birthday-reminder app to beat. It'll sync with your Facebook friends and thanks to its new Thoughtfulness Engine, the app reminds you up to a week before the big day. And then, go old fashioned and design a birthday card right in the app and Sincerely Ink will snail-mail it for $1.99 ($2.99 international).
  • Sincerely Ink birthday app, free
  • Use Your Coupons: Gift cards and coupons are bothersome because you've got to lug them around and you've got to remember to use them. But of course, they can save money. So if you need your phone to remind you to use them, here are a couple of suggestions. Manilla, available on iTunes, which is a useful app for remembering to pay bills, has added reminders for expiring Groupon ( GRPN) and LivingSocial deals. Also in iTunes, Track My Coupons by David Nylander lets you start with a PC or Mac to enter in coupons and expiration dates, then notifies you of upcoming expiration dates on iOS devices.
  • Manilla on iTunes, free
  • Track My Coupons on iTunes, free
  • Too late? Let Friends Remind You: Social networking has infiltrated nearly every aspect of life including, apparently, forgetfulness. The GetUpp app, available on iTunes requires that you commit to an activity publicly via Facebook. Slack off? Your online friends are notified to let the shaming begin.
  • GetUpp app on iTunes, free

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