RS Medical Announces Partnership With Nimbus Concepts, LLC, For U.S. Distribution Of Next Generation Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation Technology

International Rehabilitative Sciences, Inc., d/b/a RS Medical, today announced it has reached an exclusive U.S. agreement to commercialize the Nimbus Concepts, LLC, expandable, multi-tined radiofrequency (RF) ablation device for the treatment of chronic spinal pain. Nimbus Concepts, was founded by practicing pain medicine physicians to develop and patent novel RF electrode technologies designed to increase procedural efficiency and safety, decrease medical cost, and provide the basis for high quality durable pain relief following RF ablation. The initial Nimbus RF device offered to the market is compatible with most existing RF generators requiring no additional or specialized equipment. It has received the CE mark and is pending 501(k) appearance.

“We are excited to bring the first Nimbus RF device to the pain management marketplace,” said John Konsin, president and CEO of RS Medical. “Many of our physician customers are looking for ways to efficiently perform RF procedures while consistently delivering improved patient outcomes. The Nimbus device represents a technological leap forward by offering both simplicity and broad applicability.”

”Since inception, Nimbus Concepts has been committed to developing and introducing improved technology and techniques to the field of RF ablation,” said Robert E. Wright, M.D., D.A.B.P.M., founder and chief technology officer of Nimbus Concepts. “We believe that our device platform allows for a notable improvement in success following thermal neuroablation procedures for pain management. We see RS Medical as a natural partner to bring our evolving line of leading-edge pain management products to the U.S. marketplace.”

He adds, “Historically, RS Medical has been recognized as a physician-focused organization noted for their extensive field presence and commitment to the support of their customers. RS Medical is actively focused on diversifying their product line to become the premier provider of quality tools to the pain management specialist. RS Medical recognizes radiofrequency ablation as a core interventional pain management technique and has made the commitment to support their physician customers with excellence, innovation, and the potential for improved patient outcomes.”

Pain specialist Paul Dreyfuss, M.D., said, “I am excited about not only the synergy between RS Medical and Nimbus but the ability to perform both predictable and directional large volume RF lesions safely and efficiently.” Dr. Dreyfuss is a well-recognized, thought leader in interventional pain management.

About RS Medical

RS Medical is solely focused on serving pain medicine practices. For two decades, we have delivered leading clinical tools and products, assisting in the care of more than one million patients. Because RS Medical understands that the needs of each practice are unique, we customize solutions by combining intelligent products with personal service. Together, we work with pain medicine physicians to help them grow their practices and improve patient outcomes. More information is available at

About Nimbus Concepts

Nimbus Concepts, LLC, is based in Denver, Colorado with business operations in Austin, Texas. The company was established to develop and commercialize innovative intellectual property and novel device technology in the field of radiofrequency (“RF”) tissue ablation. The founders of Nimbus are practicing pain management physicians and have productively collaborated in various ventures since 1999, including the development of the Dekompressor™ percutaneous discectomy probe, which was sold to Stryker (NYSE: SYK) in 2002. The company’s novel, multi-tined RF electrode represents a technological leap forward in interventional pain management. Leveraging its intellectual property, Nimbus has identified a number of complimentary medical applications in the fields of orthopedics, cardiology, interventional radiology and oncology. For more information or inquiries, see

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