Use Your Gift Cards and Coupons: Gift cards and coupons can be a pain to lug around. Plus, it can be difficult to remember to use them. But of course, they can save you money. So if you need your phone to remind you to use them, here are a couple of suggestions.

Manilla's Bills and Reminders app (available at Google play) is a useful app that reminds you to pay your bills. But it has also added reminders for expiring Groupon ( GRPN) and LivingSocial deals.

Mangobird's Unexpire (available at Google play) tracks gift card expiration dates, and the developers say notifications of expiring daily deals is "coming soon."
  • Manilla at Google play, free; Unexpire for Android at Google play, free
  • Birthdays: Sure, you could add your friends' birthdays to your calendar or check Facebook, but Sincerely Ink's app is the one birthday-reminder app to beat. It'll sync with your Facebook friends, and thanks to its new "Thoughtfulness Engine," the app reminds you up to a week before the big day. Then, you can go old-fashioned and design a birthday card right in the app. Sincerely Ink will snail mail it for you for $1.99 ($2.99 international)
  • App available for both Android and iOS devices at Sincerely Ink, free

    Tamara Chuang is an outside contributor to TheStreet. Her opinions are her own.

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