VALIC Assures Quality And Performance Of Mobile App Offering Through Keynote DeviceAnywhere

Keynote® Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN) subsidiary, Keynote DeviceAnywhere®, the global leader in mobile application lifecycle management (mALM), has announced that the Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company or VALIC has selected Keynote DeviceAnywhere’s Test Center Enterprise (TCE) Interactive™ to enhance and provide ongoing technological support for the VALIC Mobile app.

VALIC engaged Keynote DeviceAnywhere to build an on-premise environment to host dedicated iOS devices behind the company’s own firewall for optimum security and reliability. Through Keynote DeviceAnywhere’s TCE Interactive, VALIC is assuring the quality of the VALIC Mobile app to prevent and address potential issues that may cause downtime, ensuring that customers have access to their financial investment information anytime, anywhere.

TCE Interactive provides organizations with a robust, cloud-based tool for manually testing any mobile app or website, addressing the challenges of device and platform diversity while optimizing manual testing efforts. TCE Interactive enables access to real smart devices connected to live networks – not simulated or emulated devices – so that businesses can develop and test internal- and external-facing mobile apps and websites. Click here for more information about TCE Interactive.

“Mobile is becoming the preferred channel for financial institutions to empower customers to perform transactions and track their financial progress; however, with large sums of money and customers at stake, these organizations must ensure that their mobile apps function faultlessly or else they risk losing money or worse, drive customers to competitors,” said Faraz Syed, President, Keynote DeviceAnywhere. “By leveraging TCE Interactive, organizations like VALIC are ensuring the consistent quality of their mobile apps by testing them on any device, platform or OS to recognize and address latent issues before they affect customers.”

The VALIC Mobile app allows customers to have a holistic view of their investment progress and manage fund portfolios, helping them plan and track their assets. They can leverage the app to view their portfolio summary; plan summary; transaction history; fund inquiry; personal performance; access the savings gap analysis tool; search for financial advisor contact information; receive market updates, and more.

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