Targa Resources Partners' Management Presents At Barclays Capital 2012 High Yield Bond And Syndicated Loan Conference (Transcript)

Targa Resources Partners LP (NGLS)

Barclays Capital 2012 High Yield Bond and Syndicated Loan Conference

March 27, 2012 15:30 PM ET


Jeffrey J. McParland - President, Finance and Administration

Matthew J. Meloy - SVP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


Gary Stromberg - Barclays Capital, Research Division


Gary Stromberg - Barclays Capital, Research Division

Okay. Why don’t we get started? Thank you for hanging around for the last presentation of the day. We have Targa Resources Partners here to present and Jeff McParland, who is the President, and Matt Meloy, the CFO, is here.

Jeff McParland

Thanks, Gary. Thanks everybody for sticking around, so we have more than just bankers in the room with us for the wrap-up here. I’m Jeff McParland. I’m going to do the overview piece of this and then turn it over to Matt for a closer look at some of our businesses. For those of you who may not be familiar with Targa, we’re a natural gas midstream Company.

We operate in two divisions in the natural gas – in the midstream natural gas space. The first is gathering and processing, where we serve producers, handle their natural gas production process to extract the natural gas liquids, send the gas – the residue gas to the pipeline systems and the natural gas liquids, then go as a mix stream down generally to the Mont Belvieu area, where we also have our logistics and marketing asset concentration. That’s our second piece where we fractionate that is separate the natural gas liquids into the constituents ethane, propane, and so on and then deliver those products to markets. We are one of the few midstream companies that has a substantial presence in each of these areas, gathering and processing and NGL logistics.

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