Wizzard Announces FAB Kiosks Chosen For New Intelligent City Entertainment Infrastructure

Wizzard Media (NYSE MKT: WZE), the leading digital media podcast network, today announced that FAB entered into a binding agreement with the city of Tianjin, China, to deliver Intelligent Kiosk Terminals. Tianjin intends to install 1,500 terminals as part of its Intelligent Tianjin City plan before the end of 2013.

Additionally, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Xianyang, China recently visited FAB in Beijing where they received a demonstration of FAB’s cutting edge intelligent kiosk terminal technology and discussed an Intelligent City plan for Xianyang.

The ‘Intelligent City’ concept is to become the cutting edge of future urban design for China. Intelligent City will utilize specialized kiosk terminals linked to sensor networks and interactive computer networks to link an entire city integrating and monitoring commercial, residential and municipal buildings and the activities of commerce and government services.

Intelligent City will be the model for future development throughout China. The intelligent network will include the management of urban life, hospitals, food and drug administration, home care, personal health and entertainment. Intelligent City will showcase China's science and technology revolution in information, communication technologies telecommunications and information infrastructure.

FAB smart terminals will tie together the entire cities through one unified system to deliver all internet and entertainment (TV, movies, music, games). Also the system will deliver online shopping and search.

FAB is a leader in the development of intelligent network and specialized kiosk terminals with real networking capability in a cloud-based environment. The range of terminals to be delivered to Intelligent City projects include among other things, Healthcare, Community Service, Commercial Super Chain and Library.

FAB has recently delivered its first generation of customized intelligent terminals which are currently being used successfully by the Beijing Travel & Information Bureau and the Olympic Village. The first library terminal was recently installed in the Guangzhou Library.

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