NanoMech And Cameron Announce Breakthrough In Lubrication Science

Citing a major breakthrough, NanoMech, Inc. and Cameron (NYSE: CAM) announce an agreement to utilize TriboTuff ® lubricant in some of Cameron’s valves and flow equipment used extensively in the worldwide gas and oil supply chain. This innovation dramatically extends performance, durability and reliability of critical mechanical components.

Friction is one of the major reasons for failure of vital engineering components and systems used in aerospace, military, and industrial applications. The annual cost of friction and wear-related energy and material losses is estimated to be over $700 billion - 5% to 7% of the United States’ $14 trillion gross national product.

Cameron, the global leader in the valve and flow equipment industry provides advanced mechanical valves which are the control gates of much of the world's hydrocarbon supply chain for both oil and gas. These valves are under tremendous pressure and extreme environmental conditions and are complex mechanical devices that deliver mission-critical functions where friction and wear challenge their reliability.

NanoMech's patent-pending macro-molecular nano-manufactured solution, TriboTuff, reduces friction to near zero for the first time in history, driving performance of machines and vehicles up, while significantly decreasing the amount of fossil fuel used.

The nGlide ® technology platform product, TriboTuff, is a great example of NanoMech's patented nano-inspired combinatorial material science it has pioneered in TuffTek ® coatings that is also revolutionizing the cutting tool manufacturing industry.

The international NanoMech engineering team led by Dr. Ajay P. Malshe, has devised a bio-inspired breakthrough solution engineered using newly discovered design rules of architecting multicomponent chemistries at molecular scale, to deliver advanced lubrication under the most extreme operating conditions.

The teams of Cameron and NanoMech engineers have been working together for the past 18 months to move this discovery forward, which has its origin with Dr. Malshe and the University of Arkansas through National Science Foundation funded research, to full commercialization by NanoMech Inc., as an innovation that improves the performance of organic and inorganic lubricants and safely extends the life of the Earth's hydrocarbon supply chain.

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