CIBT Launches GLN Desktop Service

CIBT Education Group Inc. (NYSE AMEX: MBA) (TSX: MBA) (“CIBT Group”) is pleased to announce that a new connectivity platform, named GLN Desktop, has been added to its Global Learning Network (“GLN”) platform. This new platform has expanded and enhanced CIBT's existing Global Learning Network by connecting students from around the world via individual desktop PCs, MACs, laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices.

CIBT students can now connect to our various teaching studios from their mobile devices or personal computers in a fully interactive environment. In addition to expandability, this latest development in technology has also decreased the bandwidth requirement for each log-on user by nearly 400%, thereby increasing our scalability substantially. This new software and hardware solution provides our students with two options:

a) Attend class at our physical GLN Classroom overseas and be connected to our North American based GLN Teaching Studio, or

b) Log-on to our virtual GLN Classroom from any personal computer or mobile device from around the world and be connected with our North American teacher at our GLN Teaching Studio, GLN Classrooms, and/or other virtual participants.

This highly expandable and scalable model allows us to connect to up to 99 users including GLN Classrooms with multiple students, and individual students logging in from home or their office, while remaining fully integrated into one virtual GLN Teaching Studio. Each student is able to communicate live and interactively with our teachers in North America as well as other fellow students from around the world.

The cost for each student is a one-time investment in a webcam, ranging from $25 to $50, which will be included in the program fees. The high definition transmission is delivered through multiple relay servers located in all continents from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

“We are pleased to be the first substantial mover to launch this educational platform by connecting our live and fully interactive teaching Studios to Classrooms and Desktop PCs (or Macs) from any location outside of the classroom,” commented Toby Chu, President and CEO, Vice Chairman of CIBT. “This platform extension features higher scalability and expanded applications. It will allow us to enter emerging countries and remote regions via a low bandwidth internet connection, while providing high definition pictures and a fully interactive learning environment at nominal cost.”

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