5 Small Businesses 'Making It' in the USA

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- U.S. manufacturing has been synonymous with big companies like Ford ( F), General Motors ( GM) Boeing ( BA) and General Electric ( GE).

With the government looking to entice companies to locate or relocate their factories domestically, manufacturing will continue to be a hot button issue. It's not just about the "nuts and bolts" manufacturers of the industrial age, either. Starbucks ( SBUX) is among the U.S. companies to have recently launched initiatives to produce products here in the U.S.

Small businesses, too, are succeeding at producing goods on U.S. soil.

Several entrepreneurial companies featured in this story are looking to rebuild aging industries that have long left U.S. shores for cheaper labor elsewhere. From the college campus fashionista to the handbell manufacturer and toy maker, entrepreneurs are taking it upon themselves to revive domestic manufacturing.

There is pride associated with creating skilled products and the satisfaction of being able to create an American job. However, small businesses also say there are very real cost, skill and quality benefits to keeping their manufacturing right here in the United States. We spoke to five companies for their perspectives on the renaissance in U.S. (small business) manufacturing.

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