Revenue from Wholesale Business

The primary increase in our wholesale business was a result of our fourth quarter revenue of $17.3 million that constituted 61% of our wholesale business for the year. This increase was a result of the sales of our self-cultivated TCM herbs of approximately $4.2 million, and $8.9 million of group sales that are now being handled through our wholesale business. Part of our shift to wholesale business is in anticipation of capturing opportunities that may be created by upcoming medical reforms aimed at hospitals. Coupled with new constraints on retail pharmacies (such as the Hangzhou government’s restriction on promotional activities), we hope to transform ourselves into a combined retail and wholesale operation in order to give us more operating flexibility and reduce our reliance on one primary revenue source.

The significant decline in our retail business as discussed earlier has also reinforced our decision to shift some of our operating focus to our wholesales business, from which we may see bigger future growth potentials, especially if Jiuxin Medicine can become qualified to supply to hospital-affiliated pharmacies. In order to do so, Jiuxin Medicine must rapidly scale the volume of its business. Accordingly, despite the good start of our wholesale business in fiscal 2012, our focus in the near term will be to continue building Jiuxin Medicine’s wholesale business volume.

Gross Profit. Our gross profit increased by $6,420,707 or 30.4% from a year ago mainly due to increase in sales. Our gross margin of 29.2% is a slight decrease from 30.2% a year ago mainly due to lower profit margin from Jiuxin Medicine’s wholesale activities. As our wholesale business continues to grow, we anticipate that our overall gross profit margin may continue to decline.

The gross margin of our retail business was, on average, approximately 33.0% and 30.2% during the years ended March 31, 2012 and 2011, respectively. The gross margin, on average, of our wholesale business was 20.4% and 0%, respectively. Our retail gross margin during the fourth quarter was 31% as a result of the price controls placed on certain products by the government. Our ability to maintain our margin will depend on the future regulations that the government places on retail pharmacies.

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