New Plug-In From Demandware Labs Enables ECommerce Sites To Function Like Desktop Applications

Demandware®, Inc. (NYSE: DWRE), today announced the availability of a new plug-in from Demandware Labs that enables ecommerce sites to resemble native desktop applications. Using the Demandware Labs plug-in for Internet Explorer, retailers can leverage the IE Pinned Sites feature to easily provide consumers with the option to drag an ecommerce site into the desktop taskbar where it will function like a native application. This creates a more interactive and simplified shopping experience for consumers, while merchants retain complete control over the site using the Demandware Commerce platform.

Once an ecommerce site is pinned, retailers can use the Demandware Labs plug-in to push notifications and display product images, promotional offers and brand messages directly to the consumer’s desktop. Because a pinned site becomes immersed in the consumer’s daily digital life, it can help foster a deeper relationship between the retailer and consumer, and ultimately increase brand loyalty.

The Pinned Sites plug-in from Demandware Labs includes the following features:
  • A pre-built, customizable banner that prompts shoppers to pin the ecommerce site
  • A branded favicon for the Windows taskbar and browser control bar, that keeps the site top of mind for the consumer
  • Customizable browser button colors so that the site can further resemble a native application
  • The ability to send notifications of new product information, promotions, or items left in cart to grab consumers’ attention when they are not actively browsing the site
  • Thumbnail preview controls that allow shoppers to control the site from outside the browser, making it easy to navigate directly to product pages, shopping cart or other areas of the site
  • Quick action jump lists for fast access to content beyond the home page, such as sub-category pages, personalized offers or a Facebook fan page.

“It’s important for retailers to continually connect with consumers and remain top of mind,” said Jamus Driscoll, senior VP of marketing for Demandware. “Enhancing the experience beyond the traditional web browser paradigm can help strengthen consumer relationships and ultimately drive more purchases. Our new Pinned Sites plug-in is another great example of how our clients can extend Demandware Commerce to provide a more interactive shopping experience.”

Availability and More Information

The Internet Explorer Pinned Sites plug-in is available immediately to Demandware clients and partners for testing and implementation. Click here to learn more and see a video demo of the functionality in action.

About Demandware Labs

Demandware Labs was established to focus on the frontier of digital commerce, as new consumer experiences are shaped by the advancements in technology. The prototype applications developed in Demandware Labs are available to Demandware clients and partners for testing and implementation, and may eventually be added to Demandware’s roadmap. For more information about Demandware Labs, visit

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