Keynote Gives Operations Teams The Keys For Driving A Better Mobile Web Experience

VELOCITY 2012 Keynote® Systems (NASDAQ: KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring, today announced the availability of new feature enhancements to its mobile Web performance monitoring product, Keynote Mobile Web Perspective® (MWP) 6.0, enabling operations professionals to deliver a better Web experience on smartphones and tablets. In addition, today Keynote also announced the availability of Mobile Device Perspective (MDP) 6.0 (see separate release). With Keynote MDP 6.0 organizations have the ability to monitor and troubleshoot their mobile apps using real devices, over live networks. Together, Keynote Mobile Web Perspective and Keynote Mobile Device Perspective manage and improve the full breadth of the mobile user experience.

According to Aberdeen Group data, 62% of organizations consider mobile Web applications to be critical to their overall business. These companies realize they need a deep understanding of how applications perform. In fact, Aberdeen says more than 50% of businesses plan to implement mobile application monitoring capabilities within the next year.

"Given these numbers, products like Keynote Mobile Web Perspective are useful to integrate into the Web development process,” says Jim Rapoza, senior research analyst at Aberdeen. "Mobile applications are quickly becoming one of the main ways that people interact with businesses," Jim continues. "These organizations will need to monitor mobile performance across the many different devices, networks and mobile platforms that their applications will be used on."

With critical growth in the mobile market, understanding the experience for the end user now extends beyond the PC to smartphones and tablets. Industry analysts continue to report rapid growth for smartphones and tablets as consumer devices of choice for accessing the Web. Recently, NPD DisplaySearch reported that tablet growth is expected to reach 424.9 million units by 2017, while the worldwide smartphone market has already registered a 42.5 percent growth (145 million shipped smartphones) in the first quarter of 2012 (IDC).

“As enterprises rush to improve the mobile Web experience, monitoring mobile Web performance is critical for any organization with a website,” said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote. “Keynote has always armed Web operations teams with critical performance data needed to deliver high-performing mobile Web applications and sites. Keynote has now added mobile diagnostic capabilities that accelerate mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to repair (MTTR) for operations teams."

What’s new in Keynote Mobile Web Perspective 6.0:

  • New Interface, Easy Self-Service Deployment - Notable advancements in Keynote MWP 6.0 include a new point and click scripting interface, eliminating the complex steps previously needed to create advanced monitoring scripts. Streamlined scripting reduces the time needed by operations teams to create and deploy monitoring scripts that include important mobile Web features such as completion events and customized checks. The benefit of simplified, self-service scripting goes beyond just saving time. Reduced complexity now opens the door for more people within the operations team to perform what was previously a specialized task. And with self-service provisioning, monitoring scripts can now be quickly deployed across Keynote’s more than 2,100 emulated devices in as many as 50 metropolitan locations that cover 35 global networks. The flexibility of selecting any combination of location, operator and device profile provides enterprise companies insights into how end users experience mobile websites. The ability to provision measurements on their own provides users total control over how they manage their spend. The enterprise can now experience 24/7/365 flexibility for adding, removing or modifying a mobile monitoring script.
  • Reference Screenshot Feature – When a mobile Web page errors out, ever wonder what it should look like? Now you can with the new “Reference Screenshot” feature in Keynote MWP 6.0. Keynote has made the task of troubleshooting easier than ever. Each failed mobile Web page is presented alongside a successful rendering of the same page allowing troubleshooters to quickly see the issue and expedite the process of identifying the root cause. With Keynote’s new Reference Screenshot feature operations has an ally in reducing the mean time to resolution.
  • Virtual Profiles - The Keynote MWP Virtual Profiles feature allows you to change the user profile for subsequent visits to your mobile website so you can ensure that content targeting each virtual profile is delivered as intended. Simply create a single script in Keynote MWP and combine it with a list of personas of users you expect to be engaging with your mobile website. Website responses that vary based on recognized users can now be monitored around the clock. For example, banks can monitor their websites from multiple locations or multiple zip codes to find the closest store on a retail site.

Keynote Mobile Web Perspective Features
  • WebKit Browser – Customers can monitor all of the advanced mobile functionality enabled in the real WebKit browser. WebKit is the most widely used mobile browser and is embedded in both the iPhone iOS platform and Android smartphones. Keynote MWP's use of the actual WebKit browser enables the most accurate performance monitoring for mobile websites. Keynote MWP performance data captures how smartphone and tablet users actually experience mobile websites .
  • Device Library – Keynote Mobile Web Perspective has a database of more than 2,100 emulated devices and 12,000 device profiles, including tablets, any of which can be selected to monitor how mobile content will perform.
  • Multiple Network Options – You can monitor mobile website performance over the air on 35 mobile operators around the globe for around the clock mobile monitoring or you can monitor over the IP backbone from 50 global locations for continual insight into the quality of mobile content infrastructure and remove the impact of carrier availability.
  • Real-time Reports & Graphs - Results are easily viewed in the MyKeynote portal, broken out by device profiles selected. There are many graphing options that help to quickly see the source of an issue and the impact on overall performance. Reports can then be easily shared with co-workers to expedite issue resolution.
  • Self-service Scripting and Provisioning - Operations professionals can write customized scripts and deploy them on the Keynote Global Network connected to live operator networks. The script recorder also allows users to quickly add completion events, HTLM5 features, and check points. This provides flexibility to make changes quickly.
  • Virtual Profiles – Data driven monitoring using a single script and parameterizing the data input by selecting it from an external list file.

Pricing & Availability

Keynote Mobile Web Perspective 6.0 is available to all Keynote customers. For more information or to request a demo please visit us online.

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Keynote® Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: KEYN) is the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring. Keynote maintains the world’s largest on-demand performance monitoring and testing infrastructure for Web and mobile sites comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 275 locations around the world that enable companies to continuously improve the online and mobile experience. Known as ‘The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority™, Keynote offers three market-leading product platforms:

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