The Wizard Behind The Mobile Screen - Keynote Mobile Device Perspective 6.0 Pulls Back Curtain For Unprecedented View Of Mobile Application Performance And Diagnostics

VELOCITY 2012 Keynote® Systems (NASDAQ:KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring, today announced the availability of Keynote Mobile Device Perspective® (MDP) 6.0, a single platform for performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting of mobile apps for smartphones and now for the iPad – over live mobile networks. In addition, Keynote today announced the availability of Keynote Mobile Web Perspective (MWP) 6.0 (see separate press release). With Keynote MWP 6.0 organizations have the ability to monitor the availability, performance and quality data of mobile websites. Together, Keynote Mobile Device Perspective and Keynote Mobile Web Perspective manage and improve the full breadth of the mobile user experience.

More than 650,000 applications are now available on the Apple ‘App Store’ alone with an app’s success largely driven solely by user reviews. Applications that are stable, reliable and quick lead to higher customer satisfaction, better reviews and more importantly, overall success.

Keynote MDP 6.0 now gives operations teams access to the most crucial elements of a native mobile applications’ behavior and provides much more actionable data for troubleshooting performance and reliability issues. Application activity data is collected 24x7 when monitoring native mobile applications on iOS and Android devices. The data is available in the MyKeynote portal and can be viewed by operations and application support teams working together to gain insights on performance characteristics and strategizing on optimizations for improving the end user experience.

At the core of Keynote MDP 6.0 is the introduction of the Application Activity feature for mobile apps giving operations teams more diagnostic information for troubleshooting performance issues. With Application Activity, Keynote MDP identifies all of the servers involved in the mobile app transaction. With this information, operations teams can immediately see how many connections are opened by the app, and the times of each connection. Application Activity also provides the data and packet information uploaded and downloaded for each connection. This network level information enables teams to quickly identify servers that may be the source of performance issues. With Application Activity operations teams can now reduce mean time to diagnose (MTTD) and mean time to resolution (MTTR) for mobile app performance issues.

Another addition to Keynote MDP 6.0 is the new Device & Network Details feature that allows enterprise operations teams to troubleshoot external factors that may be impacting the performance of a mobile application. Within the MyKeynote portal, customers now have access to metrics such as average memory used, average CPU used and average signal strength. These measurements greatly aid the process of troubleshooting potential performance issues.

“The new features in MDP 6.0 are a critical addition to the toolkit of mobile operations teams,” said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote. “We understand that mobile app user experience is a hot issue for every business. We’ve created new ways to understand what happens when mobile app performance fails and provide actionable data for quick resolution.”

Troubleshooting App Performance

When a page within a native app begins to slow down, there are multiple factors to be considered. Potential causes can be (but are not limited to):
  • A server could be overloaded and responding slowly;
  • Cached content may have expired so new data requests are creating delays;
  • A particular instance of a server in a farm may be misconfigured making delays apparent only when the load-balancer routes traffic to it;
  • A backend database may have configuration or capacity issues; or
  • Network bandwidth may have degraded.

Prior to Keynote MDP 6.0, troubleshooting for native mobile apps had been particularly difficult as operations teams lacked visibility into network behavior. Keynote MDP 6.0 now gives operations teams a better understanding of what is taking place "behind the screens" of the native mobile app to help diagnose issues. Valuable network information available with Keynote MDP 6.0 includes:
  • Host-names & IP-addresses of apps connecting to each other during the course of a transaction;
  • The number of connections that are being opened as the application runs;
  • The amount of data that is being transmitted between the mobile application and back-end servers;
  • The number of packets being sent/received for each connection and when are they transmitted; and
  • The way connections correlate with the page transitions of the mobile application's user interface.

Keynote Mobile Device Perspective Options

Keynote MDP 6.0 is available with two implementation options: on the Keynote public test and measurement network or as a private network that is built, operated and managed by Keynote. Customers can also choose a combination of both. In each instance, MDP is made available from any desktop with an Internet connection and can support practically any mobile device, including today’s most popular smartphones and tablets.

Pricing & Availability for Mobile Device Perspective 6.0

Keynote MDP 6.0 will be available this summer and starts at approximately $500/month USD. Visit us online to learn more:

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