What our objective for today is to by the end of the presentation this morning, and then tour this afternoon to get you a real good window into the operational growth opportunities we have in front of us as a company, the financial discipline is implicated into our business plan and the growth opportunities we have through our investment strategy over the next couple of years.

So again we really appreciate you taking the time to come in. Before we get started, I just want to take a moment to introduce some of the Brandywine team that’s here today. And we will, as we always, will take the back row. So, and this is always like the church, no one sits in the front pew. So with that as a standard predicate, we have Howard Sipzner, our Chief Financial Officer, George Johnstone, our Senior Vice President of Operations, Tom Wirth, our Executive VP of Investments and Portfolio Management, Jeff DeVuono who is our Executive Managing Director of Pennsylvania operations, George Sowa, Managing Director of New Jersey and Delaware operations, Bill Redd who heads up our Austin and Richmond operations and Bob Wiberg who heads up our Washington D.C. operations. They will all be presenting today.

In addition, some other Brandywine executives, here is George Hasenecz, our Senior Vice President of Investments, George is right there, Gabe Mainardi, our Chief Accounting Officer, Charles [Wulff] who is one of our top financial analysts and works in our financial model, Brad Molotsky, our General Counsel and we also have, I just want to take a moment. Things like this don’t happen without a great deal of work. And I want to say you guys and ladies real high maintenance, but the logistics involved in pulling together an Investor Day, as you all know, takes a lot of time. So we’d like to specifically [gives cheers] to Marge Boccuti, our Head of Investor Relations for the great job she did organizing today with a really strong assist from Melissa (inaudible) our Head of Graphics, Design, (inaudible) and Marge who just did a great job in so many other [Powerpoint].

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