Facebook: If I'm So Smart, Why Do I Feel So Stupid?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I'm not as smart as you think I am.

Now as hard as that may be for you to accept, imagine the disappointment I'm feeling at this moment with myself after just now figuring this out. In a span of three days, I was both one of the smartest men alive, and one of the dumbest. Am I just being too hard on myself or will time eventually restore my intellect?

My Job and My Insecurities

Last Tuesday, I announced selling my position in social media giant Facebook ( FB) at a price of $31.20. So what, you might say. However to me, it was a brilliant move highlighted by the fact that I had perfectly timed the bottom after having bought the stock at a price of $25.72 -- resulting in a 22% gain.

However, on Friday, the stock closed above $33 yet with no meaningful signs of slowing down. You see where this is going. On one hand, I think I'm being too hard on myself because a 22% gain in just 10 days is nothing to take lightly. However, missing the top and leaving an extra 7% on the table has a way of introducing doubt to one's own analysis.

Am I caring too much about being right and not enough about being wise?

For me, the situation has (somewhat) conflicting interests and I'm not sure on which I should focus more of my energy. I am both a writer and an investor -- in essence requiring two separate standards on which to be judged.

You, on the other hand, get the benefit of both without having to really distinguish which standard you are judging me on. Though I think that's unfair -- I accept it. You see, I am in constant need to excel at both, even though I realize that to do both perfectly is impossible. In fact, this split focus could impair my rate of success at either one. Maybe I'm being a bit too insecure -- but that's my problem.

Does the Substance Ever Stick?

As with Facebook, I write extensively about both Apple ( AAPL) and Sirius XM ( SIRI) to the extent that I consider myself an expert on both companies.

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