Levity Entertainment Group And Comedian George Lopez Select Wizzard’s LibsynPro

Wizzard Media (NYSE MKT: WZE), the world’s largest podcasting hosting service, announced today that Levity Entertainment Group has chosen LibsynPro to host and publish their Sideshow Network of Comedy Podcasts (SideshowNetwork.tv) including George Lopez’s Tell Me Your Story. George Lopez is probably the most recognizable name in podcasting and has chosen Wizzard’s newly integrated Facebook Features: Timeline App and OnPublish. George has risen to become one of the premier comedic talents in both the entertainment industry and the digital space. His self-titled TV show is ranked in the top-5 amongst syndicated comedies, he currently hosts Fox’s reality-dating show- Take Me Out, and his online following numbers in the millions.

The Libsyn Facebook Timeline App and LibsynPro OnPublish are customized for the George Lopez Facebook Page and create immediate and viral distribution for his podcast to the over 7 million people who have “Liked” his page. Check it out here. Loyal followers of TV and film personalities like George Lopez, The JerkyBoys and Tommy Chong can now access their favorite classic materials through podcasts, iPhone and Android Apps, Facebook and Wizzard’s paid subscription service MyLibsyn.

“We couldn’t be happier with our success in podcasting. And our podcasters are thrilled too because their shows represent a new way to communicate and engage with their fans,” said Paul Guest, Director of Interactive for Levity. “It also creates new distribution and marketing channels which support all the other aspects of their career.”

“Comedy is without a doubt the leading segment in podcasting. Levity Entertainment, the leading name in comedy production and management and the Sideshow Network bring over 20 comedy podcasts to libsyn with a prestigious list of talent,” said Laurie Sims, President of Wizzard Media. “Wizzard is the industry leader in podcast hosting with the most top comedy podcasts in iTunes. Comedy podcasts represent nearly half of the downloads for our Top 100 shows and are also fueling growth of our new, paid subscription service. We expect loyal fans to embrace these comedian’s shows as they move from movies and network television to podcasting, Apps and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB).”

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