Mobile Asia Expo -- Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), the leader in touch feedback technology development and licensing, is showcasing the many ways that its TouchSense® embedded software solutions can bring rich touch feedback, or haptics, capabilities to mobile devices. Visitors to Immersion’s private meeting room will have the opportunity to experience the full range of the company’s solutions on currently-shipping devices and concept handsets with next generation haptic technology, as well as the latest apps that use Immersion touch feedback to create more engaging user experiences.

“China OEMs have discovered that in the mobile market, the key way to innovate, differentiate and connect with users is through the user interface,” explains Dennis Sheehan, vice president of marketing at Immersion. “Haptics provides OEMs with the opportunity to create not only a more intuitive and compelling user experience, but also more engaging and immersive entertainment for apps, video, music and gaming.”

Solutions for All Mobile Devices

Immersion’s TouchSense software, which has shipped in over 400 million mobile devices, offers precise and power-efficient control over embedded actuators. Immersion technology enables OEMs to create compelling and differentiated user experiences through well-designed touch feedback that can be implemented consistently throughout the mobile user interface. Many leading OEMs have used Immersion technology to provide reassuring touch confirmation in their devices, including simulated mechanical “clicks” in virtual keypads and buttons that assure users their selection had been made. Additionally, following Immersion’s launch of easy-to-use integration tools, Android OEMs and app developers have introduced even more advanced touch feedback into their mobile games and apps, using haptics to create lifelike sensations such as the kickback of a particular type of weapon or the boom of an explosion in a shooter game, or the tingling of guitar strings vibrating in an instrument app.

Immersion offers a wide range of solutions to both create high quality haptic effects and integrate them throughout the mobile UI and applications:
  • TouchSense Solutions: The company’s embedded TouchSense 3000 and 5000 software solutions support a range of actuators, including linear resonant actuators (LRA) and eccentric rotating mass actuators (ERM), as well as high fidelity actuators such as piezo electric and electro-active polymers (EAP). For OEMs looking to incorporate basic haptic effects, the TouchSense 2000 solution is available through Immersion partners Imagis and Texas Instruments.
  • Integrator: An OEM build time tool, Integrator offers a fast and efficient way to incorporate haptics throughout the OEM’s custom Android build. Customization modules offer OEMs the design flexibility to select from a menu of features that can be controlled by consumers via the user settings menu, giving users the ability to determine where they experience haptics, and the strength of the feedback.
  • Haptic SDK: Designed for 3rd party Android developers, Immersion’s Haptic SDK offers a menu of over 120 pre-designed haptic effects with a simple SDK to allow app developers to quickly and easily incorporate high quality haptic effects into their games and apps.

Design Flexibility

Understanding that incorporating a well-designed haptic system into a handset is a complex process involving mechanical, electrical and software design, Immersion works with a number of solutions providers and partners to streamline the process.
  • Reference Designs: Immersion offers OEMs reference designs based on the OEMs’ preferred actuator type to ensure efficient and high-quality haptic system design.
  • Component & Actuator Partners: Through its certification program, Immersion tests a wide range of partners’ components and actuators to ensure high quality, long-lasting components.
  • Integration Partners: Immersion works with industry-leading semiconductor companies and system integrators to offer customers total solutions with integrated haptic effects.

Meet with Us at Mobile Asia Expo

Immersion will be hosting a private meeting space at Mobile Asia Expo, by appointment only. If you’re interested in meeting with Immersion, please contact us at

In addition, we will be discussing the importance of user experience design in a panel discussion titled “Making Money from Mobile Social Media,” which will be taking place Thursday, June 21 st from 14:00-15:15. The company’s vice president of sales, Joe LaValle, will be joining the discussion to bring Immersion’s unique viewpoint into user experience design, and how a quality experience can translate to real-world benefits for app and UX designers.

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Founded in 1993, Immersion (NASDAQ: IMMR) is the leading innovator in haptic technology; the company's touch feedback solutions deliver a more compelling sense of the digital world. Using Immersion's high-fidelity haptic systems, partners can transform user experiences with unique and customizable touch feedback effects; excite the senses in games, videos and music; restore "mechanical" feel by providing intuitive and unmistakable confirmation; improve safety by overcoming distractions while driving or performing a medical procedure; and expand usability when audio and visual feedback are ineffective. Immersion's TouchSense technology provides haptics in mobile phone, automotive, gaming, medical and consumer electronics products from world-class companies. With over 1,200 issued or pending patents in the U.S. and other countries, Immersion helps bring the digital universe to life. Hear what we have to say at

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