Samson Oil & Gas Operational Advisory

Samson Oil & Gas Limited (ASX: SSN) (NYSE AMEX: SSN) provides operational advice on its Hawk Springs and Roosevelt Projects.


Spirit of America US34 #2-29, (SSN 100% WI)

Frontier Rig #11 is currently rigging down on Spirit of America #2 well. 148 feet of the Permo-Penn section was perforated. A total of 307 barrels of fluid were swabbed in at rates of up to 10 barrels of fluid per hour. An oil cut of approximately 20% was realized in the swabbing process. The oil gravity was measured at 33 API and contained a very low sulphur content (0.23%). The forward plan involves moving a workover rig onto the location and the well will be fracture-stimulated in effort to improve the productivity of the reservoir.

Defender US33 #2-29H, (SSN 37.5% WI)

The jet pump test on the Defender well was successful in that the designed bottom hole pressure was achieved. During the test period the oil rate averaged 26 BOPD. The wellbore was last cleaned out on November 16 th, 2011 and the forward plan is to ensure the horizontal section of the wellbore is clean and free of sand and debris, which may be impeding flow, and then put the well back on rod pump.


Australia II 12KA 6, #1-29H, (SSN 100%, subject to a 33.34% back-in right)

The well is currently pumping and has been on-line for 16 days. The oil rate has ranged from 244 BOPD to 48 BOPD and has cumulative to date production values of 2,526 BO and 10,688 BW. Comparing the Australia II short lateral with 13 frac stages to twelve offset wells operated by four different companies with 10,000 foot laterals and 30 frac stages, Australia II is producing at comparable volumes typically seen in the eastern Montana Bakken oil play.

Gretel II 12KA 3 #1-30H, (SSN 100%, subject to a 33.34% back-in right)

The production facilities have been installed and the well has been on pump for seven days having recovered 2,583 barrels of fluid combined with 12,773 barrels of fluid during flow back operations totaling 15,356 barrels out of 47,142 barrels pumped during completion operations. Not seeing any appreciable amounts of oil to date may be due to the well location being on the north side of the Brockton Fault Zone, which is believed to be the western edge of the continuous Bakken oil accumulation. The impact of the fault to Samson’s total gross acreage position of 50,000 acres would put 2/3rds of the acreage south of the fault and 1/3 rd north of the fault. We will continue further evaluation of the well and our acreage position including the potential impact of the Brockton Fault zone.

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