J-J Hooks Easily Passes Demanding Crash Tests

Easi-Set Worldwide announced today that its highly successful J-J Hooks barrier system has successfully passed both bolted-down and pinned-down MASH Test Level 3 crash tests (MASH - Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) out performing other comparable systems. The tests were performed by the Texas Transportation Institute of College Station, TX - a nationally recognized certified testing facility.

Prior to these tests, over 41 states/provinces and 8 countries have approved the free-standing J-J Hooks temporary barrier for use on their highways. This temporary barrier successfully passed NCHRP 350 TL3 tests in the 1990’s, qualifying it for approval as an alternate to existing state/provincial standard barrier designs. Easi-Set is identifying this barrier as J-J Hooks/NCHRP.

The development and successful testing of the anchored J-J Hook design, now allows Easi-Set’s licensed producers to offer highway authorities a complete family of barriers meeting all highway application requirements. No other private design offers the authorities this array of fully-tested choices matched to the application.

The anchored J-J Hooks design (dubbed J-J Hooks/MASH) incorporates an enlarged J-Hook, additional reinforcing to absorb the higher impact loads, and patented deflection limiting blocks. The J-J Hooks/NCHRP and the J-J Hooks/MASH barriers connect seamlessly to each other. They can be placed in the same installation without the need for a transition section; thereby, allowing one installation to satisfy up to three different performance requirements. Both J-J Hooks designs are available in cross-sections commonly used on existing highways.

Easi-Set Worldwide is the industry’s largest licensor of precast concrete products and a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly-traded Smith-Midland Corporation. More information on J-J Hooks, Easi-Set, and its product lines can be found at www.jjhooks.com and www.easiset.com.

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