Immersion And Texas Instruments Streamline High And Standard Definition Haptics Implementations

Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced that Texas Instruments has released two new integrated amplifiers to improve the performance of haptic actuators in mobile devices. The DRV 2665 is the first integrated amplifier for piezo modules that is compliant with Immersion’s TouchSense 5000 embedded software, while the DRV 2603 for resonant actuators using Immersion’s TouchSense 3000 embedded software incorporates auto resonance tracking, ensuring performance at optimal frequency.

“We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Texas Instruments to develop efficient and compelling solutions that drive the adoption of haptics into the mobile market,” explains Dennis Sheehan, vice president of marketing at Immersion. “The combination of Immersion’s haptic system design know-how and Texas Instrument’s expertise in high volume, efficient chip design has resulted in more efficient solutions for mobile device manufacturers.”

The DRV 2665 supports the I2C interface to enable effective communication from the application processor to the actuator without burdening the host. The device is capable of driving piezo actuators from +/-35V to +/-100V or 200 Vpp, addressing the range of all piezo modules and benders currently available for haptic applications.

The DRV 2603 is a haptic driver designed specifically to solve common obstacles in driving both Linear Resonance Actuators (LRA) and Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) haptic motors. LRA actuators typically have a narrow frequency band over which they have an adequate haptic response, so driving an LRA actuator presents a challenge. The DRV 2603 solves this problem by employing auto resonance tracking, which automatically detects and tracks the commutation frequency and automatically produces the correct resonant output frequency regardless of the battery voltage.

“By addressing real design and performance challenges, the DRV 2665 and DRV 2603 meet the needs of the growing number of mobile device manufacturers looking to integrate haptics into their device designs,” explains ShreHarsha Rao, Product Line Manager, Texas Instruments. “Our solutions, combined with Immersion technology, enable superior performance and streamlined designs.”

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