So anyway, these things all help increase revenues, reduce operating expenses and avoid capital expenditures. So, typically we find that our solutions play in areas that our end customers find very attractive.

When you think about the trends that are driving our products and solutions, is first of all, supply chain is continuing to be very complex, is companies have to be very competitive offering cost competitive solutions. These supply chain extent further and further. So, having the ability to identify and track those assets is really important. There are also, everybody is looking to enhance the productivity and minimize our investment. And obviously industrialization of emerging markets continuous to be an important part of what we do.

So, for example, we will talk little bit more, we have been drawing internationally. One of the reasons that’s important is because the adoption of these technologies is not as great, and some of us say the BRIC countries and so that provides a great opportunity for us to expand our business in these emerging markets.

We also have the growth of complimentary markets. So, for example internet connectivity is important. We have wireless solutions and we also have solutions that can work through the cloud. And that continues to be an attractive business and solution for us. So, again along with connected devices, big data, cloud computing all of these things continue to drive the need for our products.

Foundational strength, we are the global brand leaders, so if you are in the industries that we are in, you will know about Zebra. I recall our TIO has worked for another company, he is walking through one of these plants, saw one of our printers fall over and they put it back up and it kept on running, and he goes, my goodness, we need these kind of printers. So, the awareness of our quality and our brand is well known. We also have the broadest product line. Now that’s important because typically when you go out and buy an HP printer and you pop it in your PC, right, it's plug and play, just works.

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