Okay. Just in terms of introduction for those of you who are not familiar with RenaissanceRe or is familiar either -- not at all familiar or not as familiar as you’d like to be. RenaissanceRe is a leading and global provider of reinsurance and insurance coverages, through essentially three main underwriting units within company, our property cat unit, specialty reinsurance unit and then our Lloyd’s syndicate in London.

RenRe was established in 1993 in Bermuda after Hurricane Andrew and although, we fluctuate a bit from time to time, the current market cap is about $3.9 billion. The company has achieved an operating ROE that’s averaged 22% since our inception and our tangible book value per share plus accumulated dividends which is the primary financial metric upon which we focus has grown at a compound annual rate of 20% since inception of the company.

The company posses very high financial strength ratings from S&P, Moody’s and A.M. Best, with stable outlooks and also importantly an excellent ERM ratio -- rating from S&P. These are very important to business and business strategy.

So just looking at our business model at the highest level, our mission is to produce superior returns for our shareholder over the long-term. We are not at all confused who we work for.

Our vision is to be a leader in select financial services, are areas where we believe we understand risk extremely well. We intend to fulfill our mission envision by pursuing an identity of being and being recognized as the best underwriter in the world.

So admittedly, that’s a pretty presumptuous statement. It’s not meant to sound the arrogant to be full of hubris, it’s really meant to reflect an aspirational goal for ourselves and that we can’t rely on past successes to achieve success in the future. We also that our competitors are getting better all the time and we have to consistently build and hone the skills that allow us to underwrite risk better than our peers.

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