There are over 200 new feature updates for iOS 6, including a big improvement for Siri and Siri integration into iPads and cars down the road. I love the "do not disturb" function to turn off all notifications from people I don't want to be bothered by.

FaceTime will also work better on cell networks. Bad news for Skype. PassBook -- consolidated boarding passes, movie tickets, etc. in one place -- is very cool (and takes Apple ever closer to the digital wallet). The new Apple maps is a shot across the bow for Google ( GOOG). How many years will it take for Apple to boot out Google search?


We didn't get a new TV outright, but we did get AirPlay. This is in the new OSX allowing AirPlay mirroring onto any Apple TV from another Mac or Apple device.

AirPlay, in my view, is the most disruptive aspect of Apple TV. You'll be able to show your entire laptop display on your TV if you want, and not just some movie, photo, or video from your laptop. Where AirPlay really starts to get disruptive though is when you start to allow two-way AirPlay between your device in your lap and the TV you're watching. That's really when you see a blending of Internet and TV.


Apple now has 125 registered users on iCloud in a couple of quarters since launch. That's pretty amazing. What's more interesting is that close to 70% of mobile device browsing is on iOS. Android accounts for only about 20%.

As Apple is intent on owning "four screens" in your home -- TV, phone, tablet and computer -- the fact that so many users are already knitting their experience across these devices is a huge leg up on the competition. It also ensures a high adoption rate whenever Apple comes out with a new Mac, phone, tablet or TV.

Not Much Facebook Love

For that first 90 minutes of the keynote, there was nary a mention of Facebook ( FB). Instead, there were lots of mentions of Twitter. Later on, we found out that Facebook would be integrated into iOS 6 so that you can more easily share links in a similar fashion to what you are able to do with Twitter in iOS 5.

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