What's Key in Apple's WWDC News

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- There were several interesting takeaways from the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday for Apple ( AAPL) investors. Here are a few:


The opening gags from Siri were hilarious but -- more significantly -- pointed to where Siri is going.

What got people doubled over laughing with the Siri jokes was her personality. The more we start to see that come out in her, the more attached we will get to her.

Up until now, there has been a lot of grousing about Siri and that she doesn't always work. Or people don't like the TV ads. However, these ads are driving usage and building up massive data, which is key to the artificial intelligence going to the next level.

It's this massive leap in AI which will make Siri many people's "best friend" -- even if that sounds sad or creepy. It will be a huge moat for others to get over in order to catch up to her. We should start to see improvements in Siri in iOS 6 and then as iPhone 5 and Apple TV ship later in the year. Siri's getting sports, and more restaurant data from Yelp ( YELP) and OpenTable ( OPEN) in iOS 6.

Apps and Money to Developers

Over $5 billion has now been paid out to iOS developers since inception by Apple. The message is simple: if you're a developer, you can make good coin writing apps for iOS.

But developers will only write where there are users. Research In Motion ( RIMM) could pay money hand over fist to developers and few would sign up. They are going where the users are showing the interest and Apple is paying them fairly and well to do so.

New Macs

The new MacBook Pros that were characterized as "next-generation" in terms of their thinness, weight and retina display were the star of the show. Apple is proud of their new line of Macs. They are clearly the cream of the crop compared to what's out there from other PC manufacturers.

People in the audience loved them and there's still a lot of money to be made from Macs for Apple. However, computers are becoming less and less important to Apple the company, as more revenue comes from its phones, tablets and TVs.

Better iOS

This was Scott Forstall's time to shine during the keynote. There are now 365 million iOS devices out there in the wild and 80% of them are on iOS 5. Only 7% of Android users are using the latest version of Android.

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