7 Predictions for Ethical Leadership

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Last year was another year of disappointment, deceit and despair. Trusted leaders in politics, business, athletics, and others fail, fall and fool themselves and others into thinking they were untouchable and unstoppable.

As we slog through the second quarter of the year, here's a list that you probably won't see anywhere else. It is a list of predictions that are absolutely, irrefutable, and guaranteed to unfold the rest of this year.

My confidence comes from understanding the nature of leading and remaining steadfast in the face of confusion, chaos and compromise -- three words that describe today's world.

1. Ethical decision-making and conduct will continue to elude government policy.

There are two truths hidden in plain sight about politics:
  • Behind political campaigns and tenure are contributors and supporters that winners are beholden to and must favor once in office.
  • Whenever government attempts to grab the responsibilities of compassion, risk and reward out of the hands of individuals, it results in a disastrous insult against law-abiding, honest, hard working citizens.
  • Politicians are personally and professionally focused on well-meaning intentions, power, and control which always creates terrible consequences.

    2. Ethical focus will heighten, but to what level?

    Realizing that everything revolves around the expectation of integrity, right conduct, and ethical courage, we continue to ignore and excuse misconduct of certain people. Giving a P.A.S.S. (a perverted acceptance of a special situation as outlined in Everyday Ethics, Everlasting Consequences. ) to some at the expense of others is an ongoing plague on our judicial and daily systems of control. The favored politician, athlete, entertainer, executive, clergy and others who are excused from severe penalties weaken the tinsel strength of our resolve.

    3. Many will abdicate their knowledge of right and wrong for political correctness until...

    For some time now there has been an increasing movement to consider all decisions of right and wrong as relative. As such, there are no absolutes, no certainty, and everything depends on who, what, when, and how.

    The concept of being non-judgmental in an effort to not offend jeopardizes the societal, workplace and individual expectations of relating to one another. Without absolutes, values will become confused, chaotic and compromised -- along with more and more misconduct.

    4. The values learned in childhood will reassert themselves in our adult lives.

    In spite of the adult complexities we insist upon, there are fundamental precepts that lying, cheating, and stealing are wrong. These principles we learned as children will always outweigh the flawed justifications we attempt as adults. Regardless of our increasing intellect and diverse experiences, our need for clinging to traditional, time-proven values only increases. Wrong is wrong and right is right, no matter what age or what year is on the calendar.

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