10 Most Convenient Cities in America

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- Can you get a haircut, grab groceries and pick up a pizza without starting an engine? Congratulations, you live in a convenient city.

Neighborhood ranking site Walk Score says a convenient town should have a main street or public space at its center, enough people to keep public transit running frequently and a mix of housing and businesses, lots of parks and other spaces. It should also kick in some amenities designed around pedestrians, schools, workplaces and "complete streets" (read: no cul-de-sacs) designed for pedestrians, cyclists and transit.

A city that's walkable and easily accessible by public transportation with jobs, schools, hospitals, groceries, entertainment and other amenities within striking distance tends to draw more interest from tenants and potential homebuyers. It's a big reason real estate firms such as Zillow ( Z) and Trulia factor Walk Score's walking, biking and transit ratings into their listings.

We took a look at Walk Score's latest batch of ratings and used the average scores of the biggest cities featured on the site to find the most convenient cities in America. If you're living and working here, a car may be more of a luxury than a necessity:

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