Europe Stands at What May Be Its Final Crossroads

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Nearly two and a half years ago, I first began warning readers of the "economic terrorism" that Wall Street had unleashed upon Europe via the fraudulent manipulation of credit default swaps and equally fraudulent "ratings cuts" from their accomplices, the ratings agencies.

At a time when only Greece had begun to experience financial turmoil, I wrote:

... It will be even more interesting to see what happens next. If the CDS credit default swap spreads now begin to "mysteriously" widen for Spain, Portugal, and perhaps other EU members, this will signal that these financial psychopaths are going to continue to simply nuke one vulnerable economy after another.

In fact, this is precisely what we have seen transpire. As this made-in-Wall-Street financial meltdown intensified, roughly one year ago I wrote a four-part series ("Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete") of what had already taken place, and then detailed what was to come.

In Part II of that series, noting how the banking cabal was lusting for the remaining gold reserves of Europe's debtor governments, I predicted that part of this "rape" of Europe would be to use these fraudulent bond debts as a pretext for confiscating nations' gold. One week ago, the U.K.'s The Telegraph published the article "Europe's debtors must pawn their gold For Eurobond redemption," where it wrote:

... Southern Europe's debtor states must pledge their gold reserves and national treasure as collateral under a ¿2.3 trillion stabilisation plan gaining momentum in Germany.

In Part III, I wrote:

... The Oligarchs thus have one more necessary step to irrevocably cement this campaign of economic slavery: the full, economic integration of all Euro-zone economies.

Six months ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel began her push for precisely that: a European "fiscal union." Again, suddenly, in the last two weeks Merkel has resumed preaching that message, now on a daily basis. But now that sermon has become even more ominous: Merkel wants a full "political union" -- with the fiscal union merely being Stage One.

In Part IV, I wrote that there was one more fiendish element in this plot to economically enslave all of the peoples of Europe: the dreaded "Euro bond." To understand the truly evil potential of this debt instrument requires readers to back up and recall how Europe's debtors are presently being bankrupted.

Through the fraudulent manipulation of credit default swaps, Wall Street bankers can drive the interest rates on the bonds of any particular nation to literally any fantasy number they desire. The Wall Street bankers consider this a cumbersome process, however. The problem is that they have to manipulate (and eventually bankrupt) these economies one by one. Wouldn't it be wonderful, mused the bankers, if they only had to manipulate one bond market in order to rape all of Europe's economies simultaneously? And, thus, "the Euro bond" was born.

In this case, the banksters' champion is France. Newly elected pseudo-Socialist French President Francois Hollande was elected with a political platform promising to bring the Euro bond to the peoples of Europe, and he has been eagerly pimping for Wall Street at any/every political function he has attended since his election victory.

Here it should be noted that only three of Europe's biggest debtors have been spared the lash of Wall Street's economic terrorism: the U.K., France and Germany. Note that all three of these nations have significantly higher debt-to-GDP ratios than Spain -- the current target of Wall Street's terrorists (and media propaganda).

The U.K. has obviously been able to avoid being a Wall Street victim since its own banking empire is inextricably intertwined with that of Wall Street. So how and why have France and Germany been able to avoid falling victim to the same fate as all of Europe's other Deadbeat Debtors?

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce what has transpired here. As they were finishing the destruction of Greece, the Wall Street terrorists went to France and Germany (the two dominant "partners" within the EU) and offered those governments a choice: serve the banksters, or be destroyed by them. Clearly France and Germany have opted for "service" ahead of destruction.

Before I proceed further, let me clarify one point (and eliminate one myth). As responsible individuals, many of the people who read this will bristle at my suggestion that these bond debts are "fraudulent." They have been led (with the help of the mainstream media) into believing that the mass insolvency across the West was totally due to the financial incompetence of Western governments and the reckless borrowing that accompanied it.

However, this leaves out one enormously important piece of the puzzle: the promises of the bankers (primarily Wall Street bankers). When our idiot governments made the greatest financial mistake in history and allowed the bankers to resurrect the derivatives market as a totally unregulated casino, owned and operated by the banking cabal itself, they did so with a gigantic "carrot" being dangled before their naïve eyes.

The banking cabal promised that they could permanently lower borrowing costs (i.e. interest rates) on all the debt of all these governments, forever ... all these governments had to do was to allow the bankers to use their magic derivatives: credit default swaps (i.e. betting on nations going bankrupt) and interest rate swaps (betting on interest rates).

The "promises" were lies. These same bankers are now facing civil lawsuits and/or criminal investigations on the part of their victims all over the world for this massive derivatives fraud. The debts are fraudulent, in the literal/factual meaning of that term. The European governments seeking to enforce debt collection from this fraud on their own peoples are committing acts of treason.

We cannot overlook the second component to the monstrous lies that the Wall Street bankers fed to our idiot governments: that (somehow) placing gigantic "bets" on the world's debt markets would "reduce risk." How did the bankers dupe the idiot politicians into believing something even more ridiculous than their first promise? They called their credit default swaps "insurance" -- one of the most perverse euphemisms in the history of humanity.

At the same time that the bankers were selling their "insurance" to the idiot politicians, one of Wall Street's most loyal allies, Warren Buffett, was warning anyone who would listen that derivatives were "financial weapons of mass destruction." It was perhaps the most prescient and insightful remark that Buffett has ever made in his much-heralded career. Even more ironically, it is the bankers themselves who have now proven that their lie about credit default swaps being "insurance" was false, and that Buffett's remarks about derivatives being financial "WMDs" was absolutely true.

What did it really mean when the Wall Street terrorists proclaimed themselves "too big to fail" after the Crash of '08 (which they created) and demanded a hand-out package valued somewhere in excess of $15 trillion? "Give us our money or we will blow up the world (financially)." Try telling the people of Greece (where the suicide rate doubled in two years) that these economic terrorists don't kill people.

Meanwhile, when Greece recently defaulted on 75% of its national debt, Wall Street's credit default swap fraud was finally unmasked for the entire world. "We won't pay," claimed the insurers who supposedly "back" this $60+ trillion market (casino). Who were those "insurers"? The same cabal of Wall Street banks.

Their "reason" for refusing to make their legally required payout on this insurance after default took place? The 75% default wasn't large enough. Imagine "insuring" the possessions in your home against theft and then suffering a break-in. But your insurance company tells you that they won't pay off on your policy -- because the thieves took "only" 75% of your possessions?

Credit default swaps are not "insurance." They are "financial weapons of mass destruction." And the bankers of Wall Street are "terrorists" in any and every sense of the term.

Now Europe arrives at its final (?) crossroad. All of the major governments of Europe have either been brought to their knees as Wall Street's victims -- and are virtually powerless to fight back -- or are willingly serving the bankers in return for being spared from the terrorists' next financial "bomb."

The Euro bond is not yet a reality. A European fiscal (and political) union -- of slavery -- is not yet a reality. Apparently, the national gold reserves of these nations still remain intact. Here all eyes have now turned toward Greece.

Can the Greek people free themselves from economic slavery? Can they elect a government that will actually represent the people (instead of bankers and Bond Parasites)? Will they be allowed to do so?

If the Greek people can successfully restore democracy to their nation and follow in the path of Iceland -- despite the much more hellish road the Greek people have been forced to take -- then this will mark a crushing defeat for the financial fascism that Wall Street has envisaged for (first) Europe. On the other hand, if Greece (and its people) are successfully bludgeoned into remaining economic slaves, then the future looks very bleak indeed for the rest of the population of Europe.

This commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet guest contributor program. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of TheStreet or its management.

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