FEI's CEO Hosts Investor Meeting Conference (Transcript)

FEI Company (FEIC)

Investor Meeting Conference Transcript

June 07, 2012 9:30 AM ET


Fletcher Chamberlin – Treasurer, Investor Relations and Communications Director

Don Kania – President and CEO

Ray Link – Executive Vice President and CFO

Benjamin Loh – Global Business Operations

Rudy Kellner – Vice President, General Manager, Electronics

Dominique Hubert – Vice President, General Manager, Life Sciences

Paul Scagnetti – Vice President, General Manager, Natural Resources

Trisha Rice – Vice President, General Manager, Materials Science

Gerrit van der Beek – Vice President, Technology

John Williams – Vice President, Corporate and Strategic Marketing



Fletcher Chamberlin

I think we’d like to get started. So if people could grab a sit that would be great. There are few more people coming in but we’ll manage. We’ll get going pretty soon. So for those of who, I’ve seen lot of names who has -- many people here, we have talked on the phone. I’m Fletcher Chamberlin. I’m the Treasurer and Investor Relations Director and Communications Director for FEI.

Welcome to everyone who is here. We appreciate you are coming and taking the time to listen to our story. We are pretty excited about what we have to say including this morning’s announcement and we hope you enjoy the presence.

And for people on the webcast thank you very much also for listening in. The slides are available in the PDF form on our website under the -- in the Investor Relations section of our website.

So I’m going to -- let me through the agenda briefly. Don Kania will come up in the moment, give you an overview, talk about what we’ve accomplished so far. He is going to turn it over to Ray, who is going to go through our financial performance and use of cash and some of -- talk a little bit more about the announcement we made this morning about the new building in Brno.

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