Virtusa Announces Leisure & Hospitality Solution To Enhance Customer Experience

Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTU), a global IT services company that offers a broad range of information technology services, including IT consulting, technology implementation and application outsourcing, today announced a customer management solution designed for the hospitality industry. This offering will combine services from Virtusa with solutions from Pegasystems. The ‘‘Leisure & Hospitality” solution enables hospitality businesses to greatly improve customer experience by automatically managing and addressing customer feedback. Leveraging Pegasystems’ (NASDAQ: PEGA) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, the customized solution captures a real time, 360-degree view of a guest’s case history in order to provide a personalized customer experience and immediate resolution of complaints. The solution is currently being used by leading travel and hospitality organizations.

The first of its kind, the Pega CRM-based solution provides customer service representatives with a unified, 360-degree view of customer case history, including reservations and prior complaints. Traditionally, customer service call centers in the hospitality industry depended on cumbersome manual processes to file and respond to customer complaints, often leading to inefficiencies and poor customer experiences. Virtusa’s solution provides an automated, standardized process for handling customer feedback, enabling easy validation as well as timely and accurate resolution of issues. Additionally, data synchronization is built into the offering which ensures that complaints and transactions are routed to a central location and immediately addressed.

“We’ve collaborated with Virtusa on a number of innovative BPM projects in the past few years,” said John Barone, vice president of global strategic alliances at Pegasystems. “This particular solution illustrates how BPM technology can transform the customer experience for the hospitality industry, and aligns perfectly with Pega’s goals of enabling greater customer centricity through our solutions.”

“Using technology to enhance the customer experience is becoming increasingly important for travel and leisure and hospitality businesses whose survival depends on customer satisfaction and happiness,” said Frank Palermo, senior vice president, technical solutions group, Virtusa. “While typical customer experience management solutions comprise multiple systems to address customer issues, using Pega’s CRM technology, we’ve created a solution that provides an integrated system with an automated, uniform process for complaint resolution. This significantly enhances customer experience and offers a win-win solution for all parties involved.”

The Virtusa Leisure & Hospitality solution leverages Pegasystems’ industry-leading technology to provide three distinct benefits to hospitality businesses:

  • Improved customer experience: Leisure and Hospitality organizations have a full view of customer records to ensure issues are resolved immediately (anywhere from 24-32 hours versus weeks with traditional, manual systems) while a visitor is still on premises. Enabling customer care staff to implement the right resolution at the right time increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of continued patronage.
  • Optimized cost of operations: The solution offers Leisure and Hospitality organizations reliable customer data and history, guiding call center operators on how to best resolve the issue at hand and better manage customer expectations, including possible compensation. Real-time access to relevant data eliminates inaccurate or duplicate reimbursement, which drives operating costs down.
  • Better understanding of customers: With access to detailed customer information including history and spending patterns, Leisure and Hospitality businesses can better understand the customer needs, creating the ability to open up new revenue streams.

Virtusa’s solution can be installed in any call center, can support multiple communications channels and can extend to support organizations with customer service in the field, allowing operators to immediately handle inbound calls and complaints, and, unlike other solutions, is Service Level Agreement (SLA)-driven – operators are held accountable for their performance.

Virtusa is a long-time Pegasystems partner and collaborated with the company on this particular project, leveraging the Pega CRM platform’s workflow which allows for customization, and its unique ability to relieve complexities and automate business processes.

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Virtusa provides end-to-end information technology (IT) services to Global 2000 companies. These services, which include IT consulting, application maintenance, development, systems integration and managed services, leverage a unique Platforming methodology that transforms clients’ businesses through IT rationalization. Virtusa helps customers accelerate business outcomes by consolidating, rationalizing, and modernizing their core customer-facing processes into one or more core systems.

Virtusa delivers cost-effective solutions through a global delivery model, applying advanced methods such as Agile and Accelerated Solution Design to ensure that its solutions meet the clients’ requirements. As a result, its clients simultaneously reduce their IT operations cost while increasing their ability to meet changing business needs.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Massachusetts, Virtusa has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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