Galectin Therapeutics To Host Symposium On Galectin Science And Therapeutic Applications September 17-19, 2012

Galectin Therapeutics (NASDAQ: GALT), the leading developer of therapeutics that target galectin proteins to treat fibrosis and cancer, today announced that the Company will host the Galectin Science and Therapeutic Applications Symposium, September 17-19, 2012, in Boston, Massachusetts. The symposium will bring together scientific and medical experts to explore the role of galectins in disease and discuss their promise as drug candidates through translational and clinical data. Galectins are important therapeutic targets because they mediate fundamental biologic mechanisms in many pathological processes, including fibrosis, cancer and heart and lung diseases.

“The Symposium will highlight the challenges inherent in translating knowledge of galectins in fundamental cellular behavior and disease pathogenesis to building successful drug candidates in the clinic,” said Peter G. Traber, MD, President, CEO and CMO of Galectin Therapeutics. “Galectin Therapeutics is proud to host a gathering of the world’s leading galectin researchers and clinicians in efforts to move this field forward and bring more galectin-targeted candidates to the clinic. We look forward to sharing our preclinical and clinical successes with our galectin inhibitor candidates in liver fibrosis and cancer.”

The Symposium has already attracted leading scientists and clinicians from the US, Canada, Sweden, France, England, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Serbia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and China, who will present their new experimental data concerning both mechanisms of action of galectins and their model blockers, galectin functions in experimental pathologies in animals and clinical data on galectin management in human patients. Lecture session chairmen and panel discussion moderators include: Peter G. Traber, MD, President, CEO and CMO of Galectin Therapeutics, Anatole Klyosov, PhD, DSc, Chief Scientist of Galectin Therapeutics, Scott Friedman, MD, Director of the Liver Diseases Department at Mount Sinai Hospital, and Rudolf de Boer, MD, PhD, Associate Professor in Experimental Cardiology at University Medical Center Groningen.

Peter G Traber, MD, President, CEO and CMO of Galectin, will present "Galectins and Diseases: Present and Future” as a Feature Presentation at the Symposium. Dr. Traber will discuss the role of galectins in pathogeneses of various diseases, such as cancer and liver diseases, including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), also known as fatty liver disease, and how the Company's galectin inhibitor compounds have been efficacious in clinical and preclinical models of diseases. The broad effect of galectin inhibitors in model in vitro systems, as well as in preclinical models and clinical trials makes this class of compounds particularly attractive drug candidates. The Symposium is organized by the Company’s Chief Scientist Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov and continues a series of symposia sponsored and organized by the Company such as “Carbohydrate Drug Design” (2004, Anaheim, CA) and “Galectins” (Boston, 2007).

Symposium Sessions:
  • Galectins and Galectin Blockers: Structural Aspects
  • Galectin Functions: Intracellular and Extracellular Manifestations and implications
  • Galectin-Dependent Pathologies
  • Galectin-Based Therapy and Diagnostics: Preclinical and clinical Data
  • Feature Presentation: Galectins and Diseases: Present and Future

Commented Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov, “The most difficult and the most important task in drug design is to bring the success of experimental animal studies to the clinic. Every successful symposium provides a good leap ahead in that regard and is what we hope to accomplish with the upcoming Symposium.”

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