So all of those things I think give us the potential to have a differentiated product and we just have to see, we have to be further along with more patients before be able confident saying what they are, that 050 is JAK1, JAK2 inhibitor and the tofa product is more of an pan-JAK inhibitor. Therefore it has JAK3 that may play into. We’re not entirely sure what the value is of the JAK3 component on that and it may have some negatives to it.

But again, all pre-mature. We are generally very pleased with the tofa AdCom. We thought it showed that the drug classes are good and viable, but at the same time left a room for some differentiation and some opportunities to maybe be stronger.

Sapna Srivastava - Goldman Sachs

I guess that ACR, this is a 24-week data. Do you have it in-house by now; I mean just for the feed two different sets of it, like, we’re seeing 12-week now at ULR or is it still….

Pat Andrews

The trial is complete now, but you’ll just see the 12-week data here and the 24-week data, the 6-month data would be at ACR.

Sapna Srivastava - Goldman Sachs

And when can we expect to hear about the safety design, they’re just like from the tofa panel like when do we see the Phase III design of the trial start by the year-end……

Pat Andrews

That’s the expectation, yes and that really would be a communication that Lilly would trigger, so until that point, we don’t have too much color we can provide on the Phase III, other than we know that Lilly is anxious to begin the Phase III trials which as we are.

Sapna Srivastava - Goldman Sachs

And just if we could, on that any questions from the audience on the RA drug?

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