FEI Company's CEO Presents At Goldman Sachs Healthcare Conference (Transcript)

FEI Company (FEIC)

Goldman Sachs Healthcare Conference Call

June 05, 2012 05:40 pm ET


Don Kania - President & CEO


Isaac Ro - Goldman Sachs


Isaac Ro - Goldman Sachs

Okay. All right let's get started. Thanks all of you guys for after lunch sticking around and beautiful weather, its good. Isaac Ro from Life Sciences here at Goldman, very happy to have Don Kania from FEI with us today and we actually think this is a company that has really only in the last year or so come back on the radar screen and named it that investors in this part of the world tend to know much about. So thanks for coming. And secondly, if we could have you maybe sort of a couple of minutes going over the big picture story on your key initiatives for this year and I think if we can start here and we can just jump into questions from there.

Don Kania

Okay, sure. For those you who don't know we are a company that makes electron microscopes, very sophisticated microscope that can see very, very small things and that's the starting point. Our thesis is technology leadership in providing total solutions to a market oriented set of customers and so we organize ourselves around marketplaces one of which is life sciences which fits into the theme of today's meeting, but we also serve the electronics business which is semiconductor customers.

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