Zurich Heart Center Reports Excellent Early Clinical Experience With ESVS® Mesh At International Society Of Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgeons (ISMICS) Annual Meeting

Manny Villafaña, Chairman and CEO of Kips Bay Medical Inc. (NASDAQ:KIPS) announced today that Prof. Michele Genoni, MD, Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Triemli Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland, presented his center’s early clinical experience with the eSVS ® Mesh device at the 14 th Annual meeting of the ISMICS in Los Angeles, CA.

Since 2011, Prof. Genoni and his surgical team have implanted the eSVS Mesh in twenty (20) patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass procedures (“OPCAB"). All patients received two arterial bypass grafts, using the left and right internal mammary arteries, and one saphenous vein graft (“SVG”), treated with the eSVS Mesh device, to the right coronary artery. The Kips Bay Medical eSVS Mesh is a knitted, nitinol prosthesis that is designed to fit around the outside of the saphenous vein so as to minimize the undesirable over-expansion which can cause graft failure. All bypass grafts were evaluated with computed tomography (“CT”) angiograms performed prior to the patient’s discharge from the hospital.

The data from these patients demonstrated excellent flow in the SVG grafts treated with the eSVS Mesh device. The results from these twenty patients showed that 95% of the saphenous vein grafts treated with the eSVS Mesh were open, or patent, and 100% of the arterial grafts were open.

Commenting on these results Prof. Genoni said, “We are very pleased with these early results utilizing the eSVS Mesh. OPCAB surgery can be more technically demanding and the eSVS Mesh is easy to use and fits well within our OPCAB program. Our next step is to follow these patients to collect longer term data.” Additionally, Manny Villafana, CEO, Founder and Chairman of Kips Bay Medical stated, “We congratulate Prof. Genoni and his team on their excellent initial results. These results reinforce and affirm the product and process improvements that we implemented after our first international trial. Kips Bay Medical remains committed to providing longer term follow-up evaluation on the safety and performance of the eSVS Mesh in CABG procedures. ”


The International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery was formed to organize and centralize the various surgical centers concerned with patient outcomes, techniques, and progressive development of less invasive forms of heart surgery. Formed on May 31, 1997 by the participants of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at the Palais Des Congres, Paris France, the new ISMICS is taking the leadership role in shaping the direction of less invasive cardiac surgery on a global basis. To learn more about the ISMICS go to www.ismics.org.

About Kips Bay Medical

Kips Bay Medical, Inc., founded in 2007 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a medical device company focused on manufacturing and commercializing its external saphenous vein support technology, or eSVS MESH, for use in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. The eSVS MESH is a nitinol mesh sleeve that, when placed over a saphenous vein graft during CABG surgery, is designed to improve the structural characteristics and long-term performance of the saphenous vein graft. Additional information about Kips Bay Medical, Inc. can be found at www.KipsBayMedical.com.

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