TI's New Products Speed Up Work for Designers

NEW YORK ( Trefis) -- Early this week, Texas Instruments ( TXN) which is a leader in analog semiconductors, introduced its new successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter, which enables system designers to simulate and characterize the full analog signal chain in software for the first time.

With a 55% weighting in our overall valuation of $45.29 for TI, the analog semiconductor division is the most important holding in the company's portfolio and even a marginal variation from our forecast could lead to a significant impact on TI's overall valuation.

TI Launches Industry's First SAR ADC

The SAR-ADC comes with a downloadable model that enables system designers to simulate and characterize the full analog signal chain in software for the first time. The model is available for the new 12-bit, 1-MSPS, 8-channel ADS 8028, a highly integrated SAR ADC featuring a low-drift internal voltage reference, wide external analog voltage reference range, wide analog and digital supply ranges and an internal temperature sensor.

Previously, designers could only simulate, model and test up to the SAR ADC, requiring them to invest time and resources building the ADC circuit in hardware. With a downloadable model available, they will now be able to fully verify ADC driving circuitry which in turn will enable speedy product development. Being the first company in the industry to introduce such ADC's reinforces its leadership in the market.

Analog Semiconductor Global Market

The analog semiconductor market tracks the worldwide semiconductor market, expected to grow at 6.3% till 2015. Thus, we estimate the growth in analog semiconductor market to be at the same level, reaching $60 billion by the end of our forecast period.

TI's Dominance in the Analog Segment

The analog segment continues to be the most valuable segment for TI, generating around 50% of revenue and profit for TI in 2011. With a current market share of around 15%, it remains the market leader in analog semiconductors.

Based on its superior product offerings and bigger sales and field application staff, we expect TI's market share to further increase to around 19% by the end of our forecast period. Factors such as the addition of

National Semiconductors

portfolio in its kitty combined with growth in its mainstay voltage regulators outpacing the overall analog market, reinforces our belief in an overall increase in TI's market share over time.

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