RVPL-ECCO2 Jobs For Military Veterans Commercial

RV Plus, Inc. ( RVPL.OB), a company who recently acquired America’s Green Machine, ECCO2, launches a website, ‘ greenjobsforveterans.com’ which will be used by media outlets currently running a marketing blitz throughout the US on internet, radio, and television to alert the public about the vast job opportunities offer by ECCO2.

Cary Lee Peterson, CEO-Chairman for RV Plus, Inc. and ECCO2 founder, comments, “Creating job opportunities for Americans is a big topic and concern to all of us at the present time. How this message is publicized is very important to me. A close business associate of mine calls me a week ago to tell me that the ads we have been airing on his radio network have drawn several responses, whereas they hear ‘ECCO2 Tech Dot Com’ on the radio ad and misspell the website mentioned. I immediately contacted my media production management and told them we needed a more cohesive and easy-going point of contact for the listeners. Brisk communication is pertinent to achieve the goal set within ECCO2’s mission. This web address ‘greenjobsforveterans.com’ is up and active. I’m sure that we will see the results from the modification to our marketing strategies over the next few weeks.”

The awareness campaign is necessary to allure the several candidates to apply for the positions required for ECCO2 projects deploying throughout the world over the next few years. Partnerships with job recruiting agencies such as Bradley-Morris have become a primary motive for ECCO2 to establish a solid work force to execute the various ‘green’ projects in pending status with federal and foreign government.


ECCO2 (acronym for Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide) is a corporate interface for universal clean technologies that are sustainable, reduce carbon emissions, and are energy efficient in residential homes, commercial buildings, and transportation.

ECCO2 has appeared in major media outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, and Bloomberg, in addition to participating in various clean-tech awareness conferences held by government agencies and private organizers.

ECCO2 Corp, the non-profit sister company of the ‘ECCO2 family,’ was recently admitted to the United Nations Department of Economic Social Affairs by the DESA NGO Branch as an official non-governmental organization and is also an affiliate partner of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by partnership with Center for Climate Change and Environmental Studies, an admitted observer organization for the United Nations. This status held with the sectors of the United Nations opens many windows of opportunity to over $100 billion in financial aid to fund ECCO2 projects.

For more details about ECCO2 go to www.ecco2tech.com.

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