Monotype's Type Enhancements For Android Enables Device Manufacturers To Customize Their Products Using High-quality Typefaces, Comprehensive Multilingual Support And Advanced Font Technologies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:TYPE), a leading provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer devices, has released a suite of software designed to transform the Google Android™ 4.0 user experience. Monotype’s Type Enhancements for Android enables device manufacturers to tailor their products using high-quality typefaces, comprehensive multilingual support and advanced font technologies.

“Type Enhancements for Android is an all-in-one solution that opens a myriad of possibilities to evolve the Android experience,” said John Seguin, executive vice president at Monotype Imaging. “OEMs are able to quickly gain robust capabilities that enable their Android device to stand out from the crowd and deliver branded, high-quality experiences anywhere in the world.”

Type Enhancements for Android is comprised of selectable modules for meeting a wide range of requirements, such as ensuring the display of highly legible, brand-complementary typefaces in multiple languages, superior Web browsing experiences and personalization through user-selected fonts. OEMs are able to easily choose any combination of modules, all of which have been engineered to meet Google’s CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) certification requirements.

Type Enhancements for Android modules:

User Interface font replacement – OEMs may differentiate their device by customizing the look of its user interface – or configuring their device to enable users to do it for themselves – by replacing the default UI font with a different typeface.

FlipFont ® mobile font download solution – FlipFont empowers users to switch their UI font, making their devices more personal and fun to use. Users connect to an online selection of fonts to purchase, download and install. OEMs have an opportunity to benefit with an additional revenue stream as they promote access to a unique selection of downloadable fonts.

Expanded language support – OEMs can expand on Android’s multilingual capabilities with extended support for Indic languages, Thai and other complex scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew. With Monotype’s expanded language module, OEMs are able to support all of the world’s major languages.

iType® Connects and Edge™ Technology – Monotype’s high-performance font rendering engine is plug-in ready using iType Connects for Android. iType Connects features Edge Technology, which enables East Asian text to display at its best, even when comprised of intricately shaped characters. OEMs are able to make precise adjustments using Monotype’s unique Edge tuning feature, which ensures that text appears at its highest quality to meet specific screen requirements. Text and brands are able to display consistently and with high quality across display environments.

Web core fonts – OEMs can ensure a consistent Web browsing experience by employing Monotype’s suite of Web core fonts, which bring familiarity to users who expect Web pages to look and feel the same whether they’re accessed from a phone, tablet or laptop. Monotype’s Web core fonts enable OEMs to ensure compatibility with a PC-based Web experience.

Smart Gamma – OEMs are no longer limited to displaying white text on a black background, or vice versa, without compromises in quality. The Smart Gamma option enables each combination to be optimized independently, giving UI designers the freedom of choosing where to apply foreground or background colors, without sacrificing quality.

About Monotype Imaging

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