As far as technologies we have significant breadths and depths in our technologies. We surely can offer one stop shopping the company was founded with the invention of ELOS technology, which is very novel and very unique in the sense that it’s a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy whether it be laser or light, which offers a very unique safety profile as well as controllable depth and penetration and it also has an optimal profile for home use. In the early years Syneron’s major growth was fueled by this invention and then we enabled many practitioners to get into aesthetic practice as a result of this innovation.

In 2010, we acquired Candela Laser; Candela Laser for many years was the market leader in premium solid-state laser products to 40 years of innovation recognizably best in class. We also have additional core competencies both in-house organic fees that we created but through some notable acquisitions. Most recently in February of this year we announced the acquisition of UltraShape so we now have ultrasound as the core competency as well as fractional RF where then we have our own technologies in the eMatrix the e2 and the other e series products as well as CO2. We also acquired TransPharma at the beginning of this year, which had a very unique transdermal RF technology that we see great opportunity in the future.

In the area of skin whitening we have elure, which we will talk about later this afternoon and also we have expertise in the area of teeth whitening as through our relationship with a company called Fluorinex. Our products were all clinically validated I thought it was important rather than having the CEO talk on the podium and the usual investor presentation as we talk about the opportunity in the area of body contouring and as well as when we talk about the credibility of the company to bring some actually uses here and then to have interaction between some of the top notch physicians in the world as well as our investor base. Because we work very hard to scientifically validate our product, we have unique IP positions and several years ago we started with the monstrous Syneron equal science and growing so rapidly as we did in the years 2000 to 2008. It was very important for us to come back work with the core doctors, publish scientific study and to make sure that the time on the podium in terms of the references and the validity of our science will have the credibility of working with the top people and we’ve done that.

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