LSI Corporation Presents At Barclays Capital Global Technology, Media And Telecommunications Conference, May-22-2012 11:15 AM

LSI Corporation (LSI)

May 22, 2012 11:15 am ET


D. Jeffrey Richardson - Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President


Blayne Curtis - Barclays Capital, Research Division


Blayne Curtis - Barclays Capital, Research Division

All right, we'll go ahead and get started. I'm Blayne Curtis, one of the semi analysts here at Barclays. Very happy to have LSI with us. We're going to do a more informal fireside. From the company, we have Jeff Richardson, the Chief Operating Officer; also, mosino [ph] Sujal Shah from Investor Relations.

And maybe let's talk about -- but maybe just start off with just a brief overview and kind of -- some people who may have -- haven't heard your story in a bit, Jeff and then we'll dive into the questions.

D. Jeffrey Richardson

Okay. Great. Thanks, Blayne, there. So obviously, many of you follow LSI but maybe many of you are new. We've really undergone quite a transformation at the company over the last 5 years. And really, really refocused the company in a couple of key areas. Certainly, storage and networking technologies is really where we're focusing and, essentially, a strategy for the company has been focusing on what we call the data deluge gap, right? And if you think about all of the information that we as consumers or corporations are creating every day and the demand that's putting on infrastructure, there's a pretty significant gap in terms of the 30% to 50% CAGR of network traffic that's certainly increasing every year, the amount of storage capacity that's being used every year. A gap between that and the actual underlying infrastructure, to build the infrastructure to keep up with that.

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