I am frequently asked, well, how do I judge these design-in wins versus the revenue potential and that is tricky. But I will give you some sizing there. You will typically see very modest volume during the initial part of the design-in wins, a period of three to nine months where the initial design work is done, where you might make an initial shipment to engineering function for them doing the design. And then there might be more volume, but still not the full volume over the course of the next nine to 24 months, the OEMs ship beta and evaluation units. And it’s only then something of the order of two years after initial design-in wins where you can realistically expect volume.

I just want to touch on one of our groups here, our robotics group which is the largest of our product groups and really talk about some of the new market developments and also not because of the market developments and product developments in our other groups, instrumentation, vacuum equipment and most important, (indiscernible) where Brooks serves our customers extremely well, where we address complexity, where we address flexibility and the need for higher payloads.

And you can see some examples here where for instance, fabs and foundries because they are finding their AMH test systems are not getting the wafer counts exactly right to their initial tools. They are looking at building buffers that require high Z robots at the tool level. You see independent motion is supporting much higher throughput drop-through tool and with wafer back-end processing, we’re seeing a need for flipping of wafer. All of these components, we’ve worked hard at developing with new products recently.

In our adjacent markets, you can see where we may need to, rather than handle the perfectly round, perfectly formed silicon wafers or near perfectly formed silicon wafers that you experience in the front end, you start dealing with bowed, thin, and translucent substrates in wafer back-end and LED and compounds semi. Where alignment of wafers into our automation is extremely important, some of our alignment tools are fit in that throughput.

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