Colbert-Inspired Super PACs Break Out Nationwide

By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has spawned a new family of nutty super PAC imitators, CNN reports.

College students inspired by Stephen Colbert's super PAC experiment are finding that a stamp and a few pieces of paper suffice to start a political action committee. "I was just sitting in my dorm room one night and said, 'Oh hell, why not?'" said MIT freshman Danny Ben-David. "It was almost frustratingly easy."

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Among the new super PACs: Cats For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, which will honor top donors as "fat cats," and Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Yesterday, which supports candidates in favor of time travel. With titles like Coordinator for Non-Coordination, and lemonade stands seeking donations, it's mostly a gag -- but not only.

"I find it amazing that anyone can do this," said Ben-David. "It's ridiculous. The whole system is really rather sad and degrading to the political process."

--Written by Neal Colgrass of Newser