Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance all solid-state (SSD) SAN storage solutions, today announced that PetMed Express (Nasdaq:PETS), America’s leading online pet pharmacy, has chosen the Kaminario K2 to accelerate its operational processes and daily reporting. After installing the K2, PetMed Express saw a 400 percent performance improvement in its report processing and operational processes.

PetMed Express needed to resolve I/O-intensive database issues that were slowing down its warehouse operations and call center reporting capabilities. The company needed a solution that would enable it to keep its current storage infrastructure but improve storage performance by at least 50 percent. Cautious about the issues around SSD reliability, PetMed Express looked for a high performance SSD storage solution that would also provide high availability and data protection.

I/O wait issues caused by high drive latency prevented the PetMed Express database from performing as expected, and the company was faced with the decision of continuing to add more drives or replacing the entire storage system. To speed up reporting and daily operation processes, the business required a leading-edge storage system that combined the speed of a high performance SSD SAN with high availability and data protection capabilities.

PetMed Express chose the Kaminario K2. The K2’s blazingly fast performance and low latency immediately impressed PetMed Express. The business saw a 400 percent performance improvement in its report processing and operational processes.

“These results far exceeded our expectations,” stated Chris DiGiacomo, systems director, PetMed Express. “The Kaminario K2 solution enabled us to maintain our current database environment and get more life out of our existing systems.”

DataProtect, the K2’s built-in high availability and data protection capabilities, enabled PetMed Express to consider Kaminario’s high performance SSD SAN solution without the fear of drive failures or data loss. According to DiGiacomo, “Those features made the decision to go with the K2 much easier.”

“Enterprises such as PetMed Express need the assurance of high performance data access, availability and protection,” stated Dani Golan, CEO, Kaminario. “We are committed to working with our customers to ensure that they get all these features in an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution.”

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About Kaminario

Founded by storage experts from EMC, NetApp and IBM, Kaminario is leading the SSD revolution in high performance SAN storage. The Kaminario K2 family of all solid-state SAN storage eliminates I/O bottlenecks and dramatically reduces latency to accelerate critical business applications at a significantly lower cost and in a smaller footprint than legacy SAN storage. The Kaminario K2 is the first enterprise-grade SAN storage built from the ground up to take full advantage of modern Flash and DRAM SSD performance. With built-in self-healing high availability, a modular scale-out architecture, open X86 components and media freedom of choice, the K2 consistently delivers ultralow latency, tens of GBs of throughput and millions of IOPS. Kaminario is a fundamentally new and better way to store and retrieve performance-sensitive data. Kaminario is simply faster.

Located in Newton, Mass., Kaminario has built a global network of business partners, including Dell Inc., which resells the K2 all solid-state SAN storage. For more information go to www.kaminario.com.

About PetMed Express

Founded in 1996, PetMed Express is America’s Largest Pet Pharmacy, delivering prescription and non-prescription pet medications and other health products for dogs and cats at competitive prices direct to the consumer through its 1-800-PetMeds toll free number and on the Internet through its website at www.1800petmeds.com.

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