BioScrip's CEO Presents At Bank Of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Health Care Conference (Transcript)

BioScrip Inc. (BIOS)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Health Care Conference Transcript

May 17, 2012 3:40 PM ET


Rick Smith – President and CEO



Unidentified Analyst

…this afternoon for, I guess, last but not least for our final presentation of the conference. But with the final presentation we have Rick Smith, the President and CEO of BioScrip. Thank you, Rick for joining us…

Rick Smith

Thank you.

Unidentified Analyst

…and let’s take it away.

Rick Smith

Okay. Good afternoon. Here is a Safe Harbor for your information. The BioScrip has been going under series of steps of transformation over the last 15 months. As of for 2011 our total revenue size is about a $1.8 billion in revenue and as part of our transformation we had made a decision to sell certain parts of our business that represent about a $1.2 billion revenue is more in the areas of our specialty pharmacy and legacy community, specialty pharmacy retail stores, and our traditional mail business.

What we have, last is essentially the focus area and that is Home Infusion, which based on our Q1 2012 revenue about $109 million, a Home Health segment that we acquired through the acquisition of CHS about $16.7 million represented for the quarter. And then one of the remaining segments of our Pharmacy Services is PBM and Cash Card legacy business that generate about $30 million in revenue for Q1 as well.

Our focus now and as we’ve talked about is, is really to becoming national platform in Home Infusion, a lot of the efforts that we’ve essentially put in place over the last couple of years is really to position ourselves from a contracting perspective and also to expand our infusion footprint.

And so we believe that opportunities with the cash that we raise from the sales of the division, as well as the contracts we have through the payor relationships on the national. We have good opportunity to execute on our plan to expand our footprint and also our presence in many markets that we currently do not have location.

We think that there has been a lot of effort and lot of work over the last 15 months to get us to where we are, continue make progress in the infusion side and now significant amount of focus and urgency to rapidly get to our objective.

On Infusion Home Health side through our various companies and locations we have over nearly 30 years of infusion expertise. We have national scope. We have national contracts. We do have national reach. And then within certain markets we have 45 infusion pharmacies that we access to serve the local market within two and half to three hour radius.

We also picked up to CHS location, 32 Home Health agencies, primarily clustered in Mississippi and in Tennessee, and then some additional Home Health agencies in various states related attached to our home infusion business.

We have over 1000 managed care relationships and we are one of three or four providers on all of the national except for Wellpoint. Over the next six to 18 months as part of our strategic focus and expansion plan we look to add six to 18 -- add 20 to 35 infusion pharmacies over this period and expect also as a complementary part of our expansion to expand our Home Health licenses as we expand our infusion pharmacy footprint.

And so with all that we’ve been position ourselves in over the last couple years, we believe that we are focused on markets segments where we believe we have a distinct competitive advantage.

On the PBM services, this was formerly the Pharmacy Services segment that included community pharmacy stores, [special] mail, traditional, especially pharmacy mail and then also PBM and Cash Card services.

We have now just a PBM services segment which is then renamed from the Pharmacy Services segment. We completed the sale of the assets on May 4th just about over a week ago. Total deal value is approximately $225 million and then we’ve essentially used the net proceeds for debt reduction and then focus on infusion -- expanding our infusion footprint.

The PBM services and Cash Card, we said at the beginning of the year that we estimated this division will do about $100 million to $105 million for the year. And it give us some good cash flow, does not require lot of human capital mostly technology and other services, and so we essentially look to use the cash flow from this business to redeploy into our infusion expansion, as well as helping us to fund the transition of the corporate infrastructure from the sales of two division.

And in terms of positioning us for the future, our focus is to continue broadening relationships we have in our existing marketplaces and at the same time look to leverage the contracted lives we have as we enter new market to attach to what we believe could be existing revenue stream for us entering in new market.

We look to enter in new market either through a de novo startup or through an acquired entity. Our opportunities that we see as we look to pay within four to six times of trailing EBITDA multiple for acquisitions and if we don’t believe financing at our appropriate levels than we would essentially begin with a fresh de novo startup in that market, and so currently we have three de novo pharmacies in new markets that are in various stages of beginning to break ground and begin the life insuring the construction process.

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