Facebook: Do Not Underestimate Zuckerberg's Creation

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- TheStreet's Dana Blankenhorn wrote an excellent article on the eve of Facebook's ( FB) IPO.

In it, Blankenhorn argues that, while Facebook can position itself to control the Web experience, the company has little, if any, power over the mobile platforms its users continue to migrate to. He goes on to say that . . .
Facebook's inability to control mobile platforms, will become a bigger issue. And the fate of the company, and its stock, will depend on finding an answer to it.

Finally, a somewhat bearish case with a take that actually makes you think. Blankenhorn doesn't add to Facebook envy with the sky is falling claims and misguided worries that Facebook will not be able to monetize mobile users. Instead, he hits a salient point. One that would make Steve Jobs proud and Mark Zuckerberg should take, and probably has taken, note of.

Jobs changed the world while at Apple ( AAPL) not simply because he is a genius, but because he made sure he had complete control over everything and anything that mattered at the company and to its infinite market.

'You worry about the back covers, I'll worry about the front covers.'

That's easily one of my favorite Steve Jobs' quotes of all-time. I pulled it from Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple. This is what Jobs told his marketing team. In a nutshell, he was letting them know that he would take care of the important advertising.

Through most meaningful parts of the process, this is how Jobs managed. It's not simply that Apple has a strong platform and beautiful products, it's that, for all intents and purposes, it gave our time's most brilliant mind carte blanche over every minor (and major) detail. Jobs demanded this. He would have it no other way. With majority voting power and, subsequently, a token Board of Directors, Zuckerberg, rightfully, set up the same situation for himself at Facebook.

That's not to say Zuckerberg has not surrounded himself with excellent people. In fact, he made a move too few people give him credit for when he brought in a strong COO (Sheryl Sandberg) to mind parts of the ship he does not have the time or skills to deal with. She can keep Zuckerberg's long-term visions in check to ensure the near-term runs as smoothly as possible.

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