While moms are eager to monetize their blogs through partnerships and advertising, there are some who see their blogs as sacred territory. Tracey Beckerman from Lost in Suburbia won't review products or accept sponsored content. Reaching 10 million readers a month, Tracey earns her living from writing a syndicated column and selling her book. Blogging is purely a channel for her writing. She strongly advocates staking out your brand and sticking to your values, although agrees it's hard for moms to make a living out of their tireless efforts, becoming easy targets to be seduced by brands and their perks.

A different approach is Momfluential blogger Ciaran Blumenfeld, who partners with brands, but sees her blog as a door opener for much greater business opportunities. After blogging for 7 years, Ciaran recently secured her own TV show with Nickelodeon that will air soon.

Success can also be found with Sarah Roe. Sarah began seriously couponing when her oldest son was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies 6 years ago and their family could no longer sustain the grocery bills.

Her blog Money Saving Queen now supports her family, with Sarah working a solid 60 hour week whilst employing a team of 6 people. Sarah generates revenue through affiliates, advertising, speaking at conferences and teaching others to coupon through a workshop series.

The last 2 years has seen an exponential increase in brands activating their social media footprint. Brands Sargento and Minute Clinic admit they are learning as they're going, which is a smart way to approach this fast paced channel. Both brands rely on their close relationships with agencies to help navigate their way. Barbara Gannon, VP of Corporate Communications says "When you need to adapt quickly, working with an agency who is handling social media for multiple clients can fast track the learning process".