Federated Media selects bloggers who ooze authenticity, a history of valuable content, and transparency. Helen says, "Brands want their stories to also look beautiful with emotive photography captured by the blogger". With more channels emerging beyond the blog, brands are seeing their stories and content curated and shared across Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages.

Keep in mind that bloggers are also very selective around the brands they desire to partner with. Brands who maintain a strong set of values, are organic or sustainable and support charitable causes are highly sought after. Moms smile when you mention P&G's Thank you mom campaign or Dove's self esteem movement. We're now witnessing a shift from brands asking bloggers to write about their products, to sharing heart-felt and compelling stories.

At the Mom 2.0 Summit, Dove unveiled a new campaign â¿¿ Dove Movement for Self-Esteem â¿¿ with the video "followers". Examining Twitter's most influential women, this video finds that some of the most remarkable role models truly making a difference in the world are going unnoticed. And Dove wants to change that, so Dove is on a mission to reach 15 million girls, partnering with mom influencers with the most reach; engagement and content aligned with Dove's brand values to catalyze the conversations.

Rob Candelino, VP Marketing for Skincare, spoke at the summit and believes moms are an instrumental voice. 66% of moms being the primary role models for young girls, Rob advised bloggers to "swim in their own lanes and try not to copy or compete with other bloggers".

Establishing a unique voice around your sweet spot is compelling for a brand like Dove.

Dove announced they were creating a unique experience for moms at the summit by having their photographs featured on a live billboard at Times Square in New York. Willing participants were emailed a notice the following day â¿¿ "your photo appeared in Times Square!"