Edward K. Aldag Jr.

Thank you, very much and thank all of you for being here today, your interest in Medical Properties Trust. Let me start off by go over with you what I would like to accomplish today. When you listen to the program, you listen to my presentation the things that I want you to take away from it.

We’ve got a strong covered dividend, I’ll go through that in more detail with you in a moment. It’s from a portfolio properties that are extremely well performing and they have a history of being extremely well performing. And very importantly it’s in an industry that is very stable. The hospital industry have and what you work through all of the headline news is actually very stable industry and I’ll get through that in just a few moment.

Also with the very low leverage that we have and a large pipeline that we have, we positioned ourselves very well to grow the company dramatically over the upcoming years. If you look at our operational results and you look at our FFO, from the inception of the company, we’ve had good FFO growth. If you look at the chart here, you’ll notice that we had a small dip from 2008 and 2009, and in the rest of the time period we’ve had good growth. Now those were the strategic decision by the company.

We actually sold a small portfolio of properties in 2008, going into 2009 to further diversify away from our then largest tenant. From time-to-time we’ll do things like that in order to keep our tenant concentration, geographic concentration and our property mix where we want them to be. But it’s important as you go through this presentation with me today, you keep this graph and these charts in mind and see the history of why we’ve proven our track record to be with our FFO.

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