Unidentified Analyst

So you mentioned the smartphone has been kind of the one of the bigger drivers of growth for you guys and you’ve got some nice content there with some of the larger phone OEMs. Can you kind of walk through what your design win momentum is like today and maybe more broadly what kind of opportunity it represents for you guys this year and going forward?

Keh-Shew Lu

Well, I think we already in our earnings conference call, 1Q earning conference call, we said typically seasonally 1Q should be going down 5% to 10% but because the ramp of some new application, especially smartphone, tablets and LED TV. Those are the ramping areas. The total TV may not grow but they move more to LED TV. The phone may not necessarily grow but the smartphones actually grow much faster than the other segments. Okay, and there you get the tablets, you get EPC, netbook pc, those are some areas which the new application needs small footprint of the component, give better power efficiency of the component which want to convert into the new technology, new product we have. And they have been helping us grow quite well, and this momentum is going to be continuing. And that’s why we are able to give the forecast of second quarter, we’re going to grow 10% versus 1Q. And the markets really continue doing well.

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