Taking over longer-term as we advance our current programs of development into other area as a specialty such as allergy, this is primarily for our recombinant C1 inhibitor for the treatment of hereditary angioedema, and immunology and rheumatology in particular as we look at various indications for SAN-300.

As you can see, I noticed at the beginning in terms of investor rationale for Santarus, we are seeing a nice upward trend of sales on our key marketed products, GLUMETZA being our primary driver at the present time. You can see here the last 15 months of sales and the four-week moving average in terms of prescription trends both in terms of total as well as nuc. The differentiating feature with GLUMETZA, is the fact that it is a control-released delivery that minimizes GI side-effects an issue with metformin itself. And allow patients to achieve their hemoglobin A1C1 goal both in terms of total abilities as well as in terms of time frame. And this has been a program that has increased well for us over the last 12 months. We have been able to equalize on the competitive cost basis relative to generic metformin, and as you can see, we have a 36% growth over quarter from 2011.

We are looking at the opportunities space here because the called on physicians that we are impacting right nearly 8 million prescriptions a year for generic metformin and our total prescription number is a fraction of that. So we believe there is a lot of opportunity here yet to advance our branded version in this particular marketplace. Not only because of this but also because of the differentiated features of the product and this will be bearing out over time.

Secondly in our diabetes Type II franchise, we have a unique formulation of bromocriptine, which is representing a first in class treatment for Type II diabetes. This is the only central reacting agent out there and in addition it has some very valuable cardiovascular end point data. This is the first Type II diabetes drug to be registered that has a CVOT trial completed, 52 week study in over 3000 patients were not only did it demonstrate a lot of associated increased but in fact a net of 55% relative risk reduction for (inaudible) cardiovascular death.

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