As I mentioned before we have ventilation, we also recently came out with a significant launch of a monitoring system that basically a patient management system called EasyCare online and I will get to that in a moment. The market opportunity continues to be enormous here 20% of the adult population has sleep apnea and 7% about a third of that if you will is a moderate to severe case meaning you start breathing 15 or more times an hour and mild cases represent about 13% of the adult population.

As ongoing obesity, which I’ll get to in a little bit, but it is topical because if those of you who are fans of the USA today arrived outside your hotel room today, you would have seen the CDC that U.S. centers for disease control issued a report yesterday predicting that the obesity rates in the United States are going to get to 42% of adults by 2030.

So they are at about 36% now that 6% increase by 2030 of the CDC’s predictions prove to be correct we are going to cause enormous healthcare cost to the entire U.S. healthcare system. A lot of those costs are driven and on the other hand can be ameliorated by effective treating for sleep apnea because obviously patients who are significantly obese have significant high rates of sleep apnea.

The sleep disorder breathing is, as many of you are familiar here the guy on the left is healthy, he is breathing clearly while he sleeps, the middle guy here has got a (Inaudible) up where you can see this tongue, muscle of the tongue is rolling back, upper airway is starting to close and then you have fully obstructed air way with whereas the guy on the far left is getting the blue representing the air getting down into the lungs. The

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